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I went into one of local charity shops this morning for some books for the holiday, and stumbled across an amazing array of decent 12"s. For £1.50 each I bought:

Lucid - Can't Help Myself (which includes a Judeg Jules mix - didn't know he did one)

Ascension - Someone (always loved this, but it was before my serious record buying days

Mrs Wood - Joanna

Couldn't believe my luck! I got a bit of an 'evil' eye when I walked in as I think they though it strange to see a young (ish) guy in there!

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Yup Jules did a remix of Lucid, which he played himself aswell as Tong back in 98 nice tough beats and beefy bassline.

On the odd occasion get some decent stuff in my locals usually generally pop and rock than dance music though, got a load of Beatles albums in perfect nick cheap alil while ago though.

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MRs Wood - Joanna!  Is there a Sash remix of that on there?  I might have a little look in some of the shops around me then, if there are some classics hanging around! All for a good cause too, so that's excellent.

I was well suprised to find it as well! Really love it, includes:

Joanna (Sash! Remix)

Feels So Good (Nush Club Mix)

There was other stuff I was tempted with as well. Things like PvD - Forbidden Fruit, Coco - Miracle, etc, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Perfect condition too. Who needs eBay! :D

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