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just got back this morning, said i would report back to people so thought id do it while its all fresh in my mind!! :)

wass my first time over there, gotta say was very impressed like!! got there last friday, by the time got unpacked and sorted didnt do much that night though. there wasnt much on except james holden at space, but were going there the night after anyway so just had a few drinks in bar m friday night.

went for a meal and a look about saturday, then to cafe mambo before the radio 1 night at space, watched the sunset down there sat on the beach, was amazing!! a definite must for anyone that goes over, was about 1000+ people there to see it that night, was gutted didnt get any photos of it though :(

went over to the radio 1 party at space for about 12ish, all hail Mr O'Bir!! played the 12-2 slot, possibly the best set i heard all week. wasnt broadcast on R1, though he warmed up perfectly for Above & Beyond on after him. he finished fairly banging too, played van dyk - the other side, dogzilla - without u, quality all the way through his set!! :)

above & beyond were awesome as well, the mix of its my turn someone asked about was a bootleg of that and armin - birth of an angel, they also did an hour before they went on radio too, then ernesto & bastian did dark side of the moon live before A & B came back on!! Jules started ok after that, loveshy sounded mint, as did that new e-craig tune, then went fairly techy playing 'that fuct camera' and 'genetic', though there were a few dodgy records in there as well, inc that awful 'face down ass up' record he plays from time to time. we then went and saw some of deep dish before going home.

then went to judgement sunday on sunday, marco v started really well, though tbh this night was badly let down by the crowd. i dont want to sound like a snob or anything, but was full of charvers and beerboys looking for trouble, staring out anyone that looked at them and trying it on with every girl within 10 yards of them, inc one of my mates who was sick of having hands up her skirt/down her top so we sat in back room and missed jules's set till it had quietened down. has anyone been there before?? is it always like this?? eddie was quality playing last set too, probs the best ive seen him in 12-18 months, dropped some corkers, fred baker - total blackout, marcel woods - time is running out, valentino - nuena york, genetic, then finished with scot project - fm1 and did a stagedive at the end, lol.

had a quiet one monday as was exhausted from lack of sleep over weekend, then went to armada for armins 7hr set tuesday. was surprised how different amnesia looks to what it does on tele, looks quite small when youre inside, but it still holds 3000 ppl!! armin was really impressive, has defo grown some balls since i last seen him lol, played a lot of bassy stuff that sounded awesome on that system, rather than the floaty trance i always associated him with. it wasnt that busy being just him on, and with creams b'day there the week before as well. also managed to blag guestlist for armada through a mate thats been out there all summer, so cant really complain!!

then weds night went to meganite @ privelege for our last night out, for liebing, picotto and misstress barbara. tbh i didnt enjoy this at all, the stuff liebing sounded more like HH, and the club was only half open so was heaving, with no air con inside and boiling hot, so i ended up sat in the garden bit outside all night, away from the heat and the s*** that liebing was knocking out.

sorry for the essay, just realised how much ive wrote lol. had a really good week, and now trying to sort myself out for sasha @ shindig tomorrow!!! there isnt THAT much to do during the days and stuff, though ibiza is all about the clubs, its what the whole island is geared towards. defo going back next year, though think for 2 weeks to give me more nights off going out, as trying to cram everything into a week has nackered me out!!!! :)

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mate - first of all, welcome to the board, im bjorno!!

Class report - sounds like u had a true belter - shid hopefully be goin ibiza meself for my first time next summer!!

thats a shame about eden - ive heard a few similar reports also :cry:

ah well, im sure the tunes were impressive as u say - eddie is a absoloute demon - i was lovin his bangin tunes at global!

Quality mate - wish u had sum photos!!

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yeah mate was wicked!! :)

eddie was on top form, used to be a massive fan during his crasher residency and round the time of bosh 1, though can be a bit hit and miss now imo. was awesome sunday though, played loads of new stuff rather than hammering tunes hes been playing for 12 months, which he can be guilty of from time to time, and his last half hour was just sheer bass!!!

i did take some photos, will do my best to get them up mate!!

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