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Kazoo - Aphrohead? (unknown mix?)


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ok, no so much an unknown tune but an unknown remix - i was listening to an old jules minidisc while on hol and found this pearler which i had forgot about - i had been after this tune 4 ages, but forgot!

Now i have found it on chemical and juno, but its not the same as this tune - must be a different remix, its from 05-05-03 - heres the TL:

http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/main/ra.../2003/05/03.htm (its the first tune att he top)

and here is a clip of the said tune from my minidisc:


i would love for someone to properly id this tune & remix cos its smint tune, which i love and it wud be brill to get hold of on vinyl or mp3!!

Cheers guys!

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