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Jules' R1 show live from Cafe Mambo - 20/08/05


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twas very good - a much better version of their new tune, very impressed, can't wait to get my hands on it (although its gonna be a long wait unfortunately!)

Dormouses tune was played which was brilliant - was bobbing away to it!

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Any corrections here, fire away :)

01. A Studio - 'SOS' [Ark]

02. Future Funk - 'Wildberry' [white label]

03. Dino - 'King King 5' [Free2Air]

04. Asle - 'Golden Sun' [white label]

05. Saturday - '2 Be In Love' [white label]

06. Young Punx - 'Young & Beautiful' [white label]

07. Yer man - 'Satisfy Me' (Unknown Remix??) [uMM]

08. Dormouse pres. Skorpio - 'Rock Chic' [white label]

09. Samuel Flash & Big - 'It's Gonna Be' [white label]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

10. Mike Foyle & Signalrunners - 'Love Dust Theme' [white label]

11. Annie Lennox - 'Saddest Song' [J]

12. Harry Diamond - 'Runaway' [white label]

13. Aptness - 'Shelter Me' [white label]

14. Marco V - 'Second Bite' [iD&T]

15. Sugartape - 'Summerdream' [white label]

16. D-Light & Bissen - 'Like I Do' [white label]

17. Judge Jules - 'The Serpent' (Jan Loper Remix) [Koch US]

Guest Mix - Above & Beyond

18. Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant - 'Sequential' [Anjunabeats]

19. Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor - 'Air for Life' (Mirco de Govia Mix) [Anjunabeats]

20. Above & Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' [Anjunabeats]

21. Orkan - 'Shibuya' (Got Drums Mix) [Gesture]

22. Ralph Novell - 'Hurricane' [skywarp Platinum]

23. Randy Katana - 'Play It Louder' [spinnin]

- a couple of things, firstly what mix was track 7?

And did A&B play until the end (inc. last 2 tracks?)

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jules actually played 2 mixes of 'yer man' back to back

Mike Foyle & Signalrunners - 'Love Dust Theme' (Mikes Broken Record Mix) [white label]

15. Sugartape - 'Summerdream' [white label] - this is a new remix - jules said 'remix from copenhagen, denmark' - which surely has to mean F&W - i know they're based in copenhagen and it sounded like thir style!

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Listined to this! fooking class! loved his funky house at the start! was hyper as anything :D then Bjorn told me that 1 of the choons was dormouse's one. very nice indeed! then a few choons came on as i was gettin ready. none where me cup of tea. then headed out so i missed A&B but cant complain!

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Seriously, on the live PA the dude could not sing.

It does show the amazing capabilities of studio work you can do to a vocal to make it fit perfectly though.... singing live is a different kettle of fish however, you got a booming mic that shows every mistake you do and you can't hear the track you're meant to be singing to as clearly as in the studio (obviously) - he's probably quite a good singer, it's just on the day it's really not as easy as it sounds!

I've never been a fan of bringing in your vocalist to sing live over the top of your track, but I suppose it looks great on the flyer.

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