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Just started, got 5/6 tracks so far, £1.50 each, well worth it!

Definately fella! V.cheap and efficient aswell as the comfort of your own home. Its amazing shopping with a cup of tea at your desk!

I wanted some books the other day from town. After a bit of research I decided to look online and found them cheaper - ashame really as LIVE shopping is still nice, especially with friends etc. Lets hope that the net does not get rid of shops completely.....

TV will slowly be moving over to the net now with the 10Meg broadband up and coming. I dont think we will loose digital all together though....

Btw........ what site you order from mate>?

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If you find any gems of online shopping for music, please let me know and they'll go on the Links page of the site - will hopefully be your full resource for downloading legal mp3s! :)

I saw one shop with mp3s at 320kbps for £1.75 - think that's quite steep don't you think?

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have to check the price but I have a feeling they were £1.50 for 320kbps

I only realy play house, occaisionaly after I've been out to see a harder dj I'll pllay some harder stuff but thats just off limewire / other ppls records.

I was useing mixmag.net, trax2burn.com and djdownload.com

does any one know sites to download off the following lables?

Positiva ( I want lil love! )

ark (sos tune jules played rocks!)

free 2 air


and any other GOOD house lable sites?

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yeah i know about a-studio - it was all about the vertigo remix!

mate how good is that remix!!! been looking for it for ages on the net, cant get the vertigo remix anywhere.... loved it when it got caned on mtv dance! good memories there Bjorn :shock:

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