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broadcast form my house paryt!


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rigth after the maddness at my last house party, and the class sets that were recorded we are thining about broadcasting (streaming it online) the next one 10th sept. and i was just wondering if any 1 would be intrested in listin to it? jsut so i get an idea if its worth doing!

ive broadcaed from previous house partys and was all good but his pc was in his living room. mines in me bed room and decks will be going in garedn, kitchen. it give a better feel to the set and the ppl there are like wat the fook?

there will be a few djs on, all my fello djs of stormmusic.co.uk, from rnb, funky, trance right through to hardcore! it will hopefully go on till the we hours before the feds turn us down!

let me know what you think

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mate - sounds like an amazing idea if ive ever heard one!!

its the day im off back to uni, so when im settled in i can kick my feet up and listen to your fun - awesome mate!

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****latest up date****

ok a certian fella that woudl be in charge of the streming says that it wouldnt happen due to my "SLOW" ntl connection. apparently i need a 3mb connection. though personly i think it would be fine as long as people dont mind poor quiity. the mixes will be hosetd though!

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What a session!

Night kicked of with Scott taking me to get carry out, 24 tenants, 2 bottles of champagne and 3 bags of ice. Got home fill the sink with ice and fired them in. sister arrived with me chip.

Jump up to get a shower and then arrived back down there was a few in attendee then mat arrived and jumped on the ones and to’s confused the feck by my mixer!

Troops kept arriving. Ren arrived with the light and this just added to the atmosphere. I jumped on till 9 playing funky house and then Scotty jumped on for an hour. Cant remember one choon he played as by this time I had a few beer funnels bottle of champagne. After him basil went on with the oul dust mask cd’s playing old classics! Then I jumped on for an hour and I CANT REMBER 1 CHOON that I played. Think I recorded it so will have a listen. Don’t know who went on after me but I remember pj on for a good bit, Tanya up on a stool giving it rice.

Rest of the night is a blur apart form some guy starting s***. And I apoligise for stopping the music but he had to leave! With the music of this got every 1 got there attention faced on him and after a bit of mouthing he left!

Part from that excellent nigh. Can’t remember much. Roll on the next 1.

Heres a few pics




me and the legend!





show me ur white bit!


giving it rice!


me n basile


scotty on the warm up



more troops arrive


decks view!


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