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top10s/most wanted top10's!!


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thought would do a new post that used to be popular on judgejules.net forum. its ur current fav top10s and ur most wanted at the mo top10s :D

heres mine!!

1 martin roth hands on keane - last time(cdr)

2 dumonde - let me out(alphazone vs ralph novell)(F8T)

3 blanco diablo - absolute control(Cdr)

4 dave west - larry mountains 54(anjuna deep)

5 kuffdam & plant - summer dream(stoneface & terminal)(monster force)

6 rank1 - top gear(high contrast)

7 flash brothers - faith in love(mondo cdr)

8 fred baker - total blackout(blackhole)

9 jan loper - i cant stop(dynamic sense mix)(cdr)

10 kristine blonde - loveshy(electric boutique)(relentless)



1 matt darey - eternity

2 mike foyle v signalrunners - love theme dusk

3 k90 - red snapper(destinations dub mix)

4 judge jules - keep on running

5 sassot - underwater

6 judge jules - serpent(jan loper)

7 modulation - sky(k system)

8 kobaya - nucleo

9 mylo - in my arms(tocadisco)

10 sonicvibe - desert sky

lets have ur top 10s everyone!! :P

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Top 10 At The Mo :-

1. Modulation - Sky (K-System Remix)

2. Mike Foyle Vas Signal Runners - Love Dusk Theme (Signalrunners Sunrise Mix)

3. MAuro Picotto - Lizard (Montana 2005 Remix)

4. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream (Slushnik Luna Remix)

5. Carbon - Shelter Me (Soren Weile Remix)

6. Hammer & Benett - Language (Santiago Nino Dub Tech Remix)

7. Avanto - The Flute (K-Sytem Remix)

8. Mint Royale - Singing In The Rain (Smith & PLedger Remix)

9. PVD - The Other Side (MArtin Roth Remix)

10. Mr. Sam - Lyteo (Rank 1 Remix)

Most Wanted:

1. Dogzilla - Without You

2. Judge Jules - Keep ON Running

3. Judge Jules - Without Love

4. Jan Loper - JUst Free

5. Dynamic Sense - Get Your Feet Back Off The Ground

6. Flash Brothers - Faith In Love

7. K90 - Ghosts

8. Sander Van Dorn - SOS

9. Scot Project - I (Need You)

10. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

i want those 10 sooooooooooooo bad!!

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he played it me over msn the other day - he got the latest promo monster cdr, but they fade each track in and out so no use with the mp3!!

Cheers 4 the info tho time - he also had the whiteroom mremix but im more impressed with the stoneface & terminal one :D

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bjorn i like ur top10s !! very good tuneage, just picked up altho gettin nextweek.. mike foyle v signalrunners, modulation(ksystem)plus all other12 mixes on cd!, tiesto - ur/tear in the open, delacy -hideaway(young punx), roland van geldern -filth.

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excuse me mr computer i'm no guest!!!! lol im agent munki!! whats happened!!

haha, mr computer doesn't seem to like u 2day craig!!

yes mate, i was quite impressed with my top ten when i wrote it down!

So tiesto's new release is UR - i saw it in chemical forthcoming, hmmmmm! lets see what the remixes are like!

what i really really want tho is dogzilla!!!

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Top Ten (record that i actually have)

01 - Armin vs Gabriel & Dresden - Zocolo [Nebula]

02 - Armin feat. Mic Burns - Empty State [Nebula]

03 - Jose Amnesia vs Serp - Second Day [Vandit]

04 - Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Max Graham Sidechain mix [bedrock]

05 - Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor - Air for Life [Anjuna]

06 - Mike Foyle pres Statica - For Your Eyes Only [Electronic Elements]

07 - Mr Sam - Lyteo (Rank 1 Remix) [Maelstrom]

08 - Hammer & Bennett - Language (Santiago Nino Edit) [Coldharbour]

09 - Smith & Pledger - Northern Lights [Anjuna]

10 - Marc Marberg - Guarana [Euphonic]

most wanted....

01 - Tiesto - UR

02 - Petter - These Days (Chable Mix)

03 - Markus Schulz feat Departure - Without You Near (Gab & Dres Mix)

04 - RR Workshop - Electrolux

05 - Mike Foyle - Love Theme Dusk (Intro Mix)

06 - Deepsky - Ghost vs Yilmaz - Eighties (Mash Up)

07 - Alex Stealthy - Able to Forget

08 - Absolute - X-Factor

09 - Sander van Doorn - AKA

10 - Max Graham - Gone

Any release info on any of the most wanted would be much appreciated.

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Top Ten of the mo (that i own!), not exactly up to date! -

1) 2 Rome - 'Overland' [Dedicated]

2) Kenneth Thomas and Mike Skye - 'Varekai' (Alt+F4's Blue Screen Remix) [Alter Ego]

3) Bubble Fish - 'Echoes From Alaska (G & M project Remix)' [sirup]

4) Avanto - 'The Flute' (k System Remix) [Electric Sauna]

5) Ein Music - 'Jittery Heritage'

6) Three Drives - 'Re Edit On Ibiza' [CDR]

7) Corderoy - 'Drifting' [CDR]

8) Jan Loper - 'I can't Stop' (Dynamic Sense Remix) [District]

9) Olav Basoski - 'Waterman'

10) Unknown - 'Can't Stop The Conciousness'

And the Wants:

1) JJ - 'Without Love'

2) Dogzilla - 'Without U'

3) Mike Foyle and Signal Runners - 'Love theme Dusk' (Intro Mix)

4) Skorpio - 'Rock Chic'

5) Matt Darey - 'Eternity'

6) Rank 1 - 'Opus 17'

7) Eden Project - 'Open Your Eyes'

8) 4 Strings - 'Desire'

9) Rank 1 - 'Top Gear'

10) Flash Brothers - Faith In Love

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10 Current Faves (or thereabouts!) that I own

Linkin Park-Numb/Coldplay-Square One/Placebo-20 Years (Michael Feihstel Remixes)(CDR)

Leah-Contact High (Max Graham Vocal)(Woden Records)

Greg Downey-Shaker (Discover)

M.I.K.E.-Sunrise At Palamos (Sunquest Remix)(Subscan Digital)

Basement Jaxx-Do Your Thing (Gadjo Remix)(XL)

MIKE-Fuego Caliente (Club Elite)

Above & Beyond Vs Andy Moor-Air For Life (Mirco De Govia Remix)(Euphnic)

Moby-Spiders (Steve Angello Remix-Jason B Edit)(Mute/CDR)

Estuera-Red Shores (Jason B Re-edit)(Blackhole/CDR)

Rob Mello- Critical (Purple Love Vocal Mix)(Classic)

10 Most Wanted Currently

Dajae-Brighter Days (Big Love)

Hard Fi-Hard To Beat (Axwell Remix) (Atlantic)

Dogzilla-Without You (Maelstrom)

Peter Katafalk-Pacific 202 (Mantra)

Skorpio-Rock Chic (White)

Todd Terry-Jumpin (Steve Mac Chop Shop Remix) (White)

Night Writers-Let The Music (Use You) (London Records)

Benjamin Thieves-Texas (Kitsune)

David West Feat. Andreas H-Larry Mountains 54 (Anjuna Deep)

Mike Foyle Vas Signal Runners - Love Dusk Theme (Armada?)

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Hey Christian, what's this new re-edit of Sunset On Ibiza you've got as #4? Sounds interesting!

haha, it's my re edit. Really not a lot to get excited about, just thought i'd add a bit of effects and chop things up a bit to make it seem a bit fresher (cos as you can guess I do like to play it a lot)!

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here goes with my top ten and most wanted

top 10

1:Modulation-Sky-KSystem mix

2:Marco V-Second Bite

3:Mike Foyle vs Signal Runners-loves dusk theme

4:Dlight & Bissen-Like I Do

5:Yer Man-Satisfy Me

6:Bk & Judge Jules-Seizure

7:Jupiter Ace-Untill the music stops

8:Judge Jules vs Dumonde-Whats in your head

9:Coburn-We Interupt this Programme

10:Meck-Thunder in my Heart

Most Wanted

1:Judge Jules-Keep Me running

2:Dogzilla-Without You

3:Judge Jules-The Night you Kept Me Warm

4:Jan Loper-Just Free

5:Dynamic Sense-Get your Feet Back off the Ground

6:Matt Darey-Eternity

7: Jan Loper-Get Wild

8:Skorpio-Rock Chic

9:Judge Jules-The Serpent (Jan Loper Mix)

10:Hemstock & Jennings-Mirage (Jochim Miller Mix)

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ok here is my current top 10 got and most wanted...(either mp3s/vinyl)

1.matt darey - beautiful(electroheadz mix)

2.agnelli & nelson - shiver

3.u2 - city of blinding lights(4strings)

4.ralph novell & bas ram - dancetour anthem

5.marcel woods - advanced

6.space bros - everywhere i go(jan loper)

7.dave lambert - yeah

8.hard fi - hard to beat(axwell)

9.ralph novell - hurricane

10.mike foyle v signalrunners - love theme dusk

most wanted...........

1.tba - sos(sander van doorn)

2.dj elof - vrantique

3.judge jules - keep on running

4.190e - cubricated

5.ferry corsten - fire

6.fractal vibe - c song

7.headstrong - show me the love

8.hemstock & jennings - mirage(jochen miller)

9.matt darey - eternity

10 igor s pres dj res - hostess

i could really go on and on.............

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ok, my current top 10/most wanted

Current Top 10:

1. Flash Bros - Faith In Love

2. MArcel Woods - Advanced

3. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream (Stoneface Terminal Remix)

4. Jono Grant Vs. Mike Koglin - Sequential

5. Mike Hunt - Window Licker

6. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Karl G Remix)

7. 4 Strings - Desire

8. MArco V - Second Bite

9. D.Light & Bissen - Like I Do

10. Mike Foyle Vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Signallrunners Sunrise Remix)

Most Wanted:

1. Sander Van Dorn - SOS

2. Tom DJ - So High

3. DJ Res - Hostess

4. Judge Jules - Keep ON Running

5. Judge Jules - Without Love

6. DJ Elof Presents E-Love - Vrantique

7. Jan Loper - JUst Free

8. Dynamic Sense - Get Your Feet Back Off The Ground

9. Ferry Corsten- Fire

10. K90 - Ghosts in the machine

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My current Top 10:

1. Marcel Woods 'Advanced'

2. Judge Jules 'Keep Me Running'

3. Modulation 'Sky' (K-System Remix)

4. Mory Kante 'Yeke Yeke' (Karl G Remix)

5. PVD 'Other Side' (Martin Roth Vocal Mix)

6. Mike Foyle & Signalrunners 'Love Dusk Theme' (Broken Record Mix)

7. Skorpio 'Rock Chic' (Experiment Bootleg Mix)

8. Subway 'Pullin For Two' (Danny Nightingale Remix)

9. Rank 1 'Top Gear'

10. Z Factor 'Make A Move On Me'

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Top Ten....

01 - TDR - Squelch (Sander van Doorn Remix0 [Oxygen]

02 - Tiesto - UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Mix) [Nebula]

03 - Menno de Jong - Tundra (Fierce Dub) [intuition]

04 - Sander van Doorn - AKA (Sam Mix) [Oxygen]

05 - Eye Wall - Bad Deal (Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix) [Captivating]

06 - Alex Stealthy - Deploring [Vapour]

07 - Armin w/ Gabriel & Dresden - Zocolo [Nebula]

08 - Bart Claessen - Playmo (First PLay) [Yakuza]

09 - Niklas Harding & Tyu - Butterfly Effect [Varian]

10 - Armin feat. Mic Burns - Empty State [Nebula]

Most Wanted....

01 - Super 8 vs DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin [Anjuna]

02 - Markus Schulz - Without You Near [Coldharbour]

03 - Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk [Armind]

04 - Hawk - Need For Cognition [Anjuna Deep]

05 - Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday 2005 (Blank & Jones Remix) [White]

06 - Roland Klinkenberg - Twilight [EE]

07 - Perry O'Neil - Numb [EE]

08 - Mike Koglin vs Jono Grant - Sequential [Anjuna]

09 - Remy - Crackdown [EE]

10 - Absolute - X Factor [ASOT]

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Current ten

1- Tiesto - Ur (Junkie Xl Air Guitar Mix)(Nebula)

2- Slacker - God Damn Noise (Slacker)

3- Cream vs. The Hoxtons - Sunshine Of Your Love (Manifesto)

4- Solarstone - Release (Vadim Zukhov Remix)(Deep Blue)

6- Hound Dogs- I Like Girls (Various Mixes) (Direction)

5- Linkin Park - Numb (Michael Feihstel Remix) (CDR)

7- Leah - Contact High (Max Graham Remix)(Wooden)

8- Mike Foyle Vs Signalrunners - Love Dusk theme (Sunrise)(CDR)

9- Rachael Starr-Till There Was You (Reflekt/Stereofunk Mixes)m(Positiva)

10- Greg Downey - Shaker (Discover)

As for ten wants er.. fook knows! (Can't decided!) :lol:

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Couldnt really be arsed doing both but these are my top ten favourite tracks at present (in no particular order):

1) Marcel Woods - Advanced

2) Mike Foyle Vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk

3) Marco V - Second Bite

4) PVD - The Other Side (Martin Roth Rmx)

5) Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Montanna Rmx)

6) Jules Vs BK - Seizure (Jules Mix)

7) Fred Baker Vs Greg Nash - Electro Shock

8) Mathew Dekay Vs Proluctors - Bad

9) Dynamic Sense - Get Your Feet Back Off the Ground

10) Push - Universal Nation (Montanna Rmx)

There's a couple of tracks in there that have been about a bit but I guess thats a sign of their quality if they are still in my top ten.


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