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The Misc. Mix.


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Hi Guys,

Just thought i'd upload this quickly for you. Hope the link works. I'm off to China for a holiday blitz tomo, have made myself a random mix for the journey. Will report back on Chinese trance, haha. This mix also pays homage to some of our famous board bootleggers.




1. Red Alien - 'Red Alien' [Nebula]

2. Sonique - 'Sleezy' (Smith & Pledger Remix) [Kosmo]

3. Lemon & Einar K - 'Anticipation' [Flashover]

4. Accessive Rhythm - 'Activate' [Maelstrom]

5. JOC - 'Shortwave' [Armada]

6. Condor II - 'You Can Kiss My...' (Light of Day Mix) [big Star]

7. Envio - 'For You' (Original Mix) [A State of Trance]

8. Fabio MC - 'Return of Memory' [bXR]

9. Hemstock & Jennings - 'LA2DC' (Corduroy Remix) [used and Abused]

10. Joop - 'The Future' [High Contrast]

11. D.a.v.e. The Drummer vs The Anxious - 'Hydraulix 37' [Hydraulix]

12. K.Sheehan - '(Breathe On) Turbulence...' (The W-Unit Punk'd Edit) [CDR]

13. Oliver Klein - 'Rhinekraft' (Ian Wilkie Remix) [Maelstrom]

14. Dormouse - 'Twist You Much' [White Label]

15. Memoir - 'Listen To The Release' [White Label]

16. Thomas Datt - 'Alone' (Inertia Remix) [Discover]

17. Mike Nichol - 'Durado' [infrasonic]

18. Grooveyard - 'Mary Goes Wild' (RvdB Remix) [Liquid]

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