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PvD - The Otherside (Deep Dish Other Than This Side Mix)

Max Kane

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Is it me or does the 'Other than This Side' mix sound totally different from the simple 'Deep Dish remix'?

The basic deep dish mix is on the High Contrast (ID&T) vinyl and sounded class, very dark and bassy.

The 'Other than this Side' mix (featured on the Positiva vinyl) is verging on breaks and is not nearly as good.

Just as well the Martin Roth remix is included on both sets or else i would be returning my copy for a full £2.50 refund at HMV :wink:

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your so right mate, i was telling simcut bout this the other day, how gay is that? i much prefer the original deepdish remix, the other than this side one is w***, i originally won the positiva promo on ebay but the seller had sold my record in his shop by accident the tossa! so ive just been in town and got the general release for £2.50 (student discount ey tom :wink: !)

Yeah, bit gutted bout that, the original deepdish mix is quality. yet its only available on the HC release - very very annoying!

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