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Vote for Jules. DJ mag

Chrissie Brown

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Ok come on guys.... This is our oppotunity to give something back to the legend, Mr Judge Jules.  

Voting has just started in this year’s annual Dj Magazine ‘World’s Top 100 dj’s’ poll. Lets all click the link and rejester our votes as im sure Julesy will appreciate it highly.  

You simply click on it, and it’ll take you straight to the voting page on Dj mag’s site. Voting takes less than a minute.  

Sorry Higgzy, Chrissie got there first though and I can't merge threads on here so I've deleted your thread but kept your quote ;)

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How do they work out what rank dj 1-5 count in terms of voting?Do they use a points system like #1 is worth 5 points, #2 is 4 points and so on then they just add up the points??

Also interesting to look at Jules' position back in 1999 :arrow: number 4 in the world back then which is pretty high, and quite rightly so.

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