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Dormouses Rewind Competition


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Hope this ok with you dormouse....

ok, just been chatting to Si ep and he suggested we start a thread to encourage the ppl off the board who havn't voted in the competition to getting voting for either

Simon (SI EP)


Christian (Third Drive)

or Me,

in fact heres TL's of the 4 mixes - if u didn't hear than i reckon u shud vote from looking at the TL's!

Just copied these from adams messageboard here -

Week 1: Jason B, Melksham, Bath:

Yomanda 'Synth & Strings' (Manifesto)

Yomanda 'Sunshine' (Manifesto)

Yomanda 'On The Level' (Manifesto)

Yomanda 'You're Free' (Incentive)

Week 2: Chris Ward, Derby: (this is me bjorn btw!!) :D

Plummet 'Damaged' (Neo & Farina Remix) (Serious Promo)

Filterheadz 'Yimanya' (Additive/ID&T)

Firewall 'Sincere' (Lange Remix) (ASOT)

ATN 'Miss A Day' (F&W/Mondo)

Week 3: Christian Hann, Worcester

York – ‘Reachers of Civilization (Rank 1 Remix)’ (Manifesto)

Electrique Boutique – ‘Revelation’ (Data)

Megamind – ‘Taub (Picotto Mix)’ (BXR)

Poloroid – ‘So Damn Beautiful (Dogzilla Remix)’ (Decode)

Orion – ‘Eternity’ (Incentive)

Week 4: Simon, Bournemouth

Brainbug 'Nightmare' (Judge Jules Remix) (Positiva)

Evanescence 'My Immortal' (Tranced To F**k Mix) (White)

HiGate 'Saxuality' (Incentive)

Hands Burnt 'Good Shot' (----)

to vote go here - http://www.qmr.fm/# and clcik forum, then find 'Adam Dowling' and PM dormouse with your name and who your vote goes to!!

You have until tommorow night to vote!


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And Bjornola wont know for a while I take it as he has crap/none/lack of internet, well done to him though.

I can't believe it, i mean who the hell voted 4 me??

Completely forgot then SI EP txtxme, i was like uhhhh???

Well chuffed, lol - like how u worked out the percentages adam :wink:

was a good laugh and a good feature ad, top stuff!

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