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Jules R1 19/07/08 Live from BCM Mallorca


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Arnej-They Always Come Back (Coldharbour)

Ali Wilson-Shakedown

Coldplay Vs SVD – Pura Violta

Jochen Miller-Lost Connection (High Contrast)


Jaydee vs White Stripes – Bootleg


Linkin Park-Numb (Heatbeat Bootleg)



Simon Ross-Sex In A Bulgarian Dizko


Justice - Stress [DJ Jack Bootleg]



SVD & Soft Cell & Southside Spinners Bootleg



Will Atkinson-ID

Ayla-Ayla (Paul Webster Remix)??

Gareth Emery Vs Lange bootleg


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I thought this was a cracking show last night from Jules, I always enjoy the live ones more :)

Anyway, thought I'd have a go at IDing the tracks as I stayed up & listened to the show & they are still reasonably fresh in my mind ;)

1 - Arnej - They Always Come Back

2 - Ali Wilson - Shakedown

3 - Coldplay Vs SVD – Pura Violeta (Xijaro Bootleg)

4 - Jochen Miller - Lost Connection (High Contrast)

5 - ID

6 - Jaydee vs White Stripes (Judge Jules Bootleg)

7 - Kamui - Spielzeug

8 - Will Atkinson - Cloud Surfing

9 - Linkin Park - Numb (Heatbeat Bootleg)

10 - Dazzle - Chaos Theory

11 - Airwave - Sunshine In Your Heart

12 - Simon Ross - Sex In A Bulgarian Dizko

13 - BK - Damage

14 - Justice - Stress (DJ Jack Bootleg)

15 - Danny Powers - Eternal Call

16 - ID

17 - SVD & Soft Cell & Southside Spinners (Judge Jules Bootleg)

18 - BK & Nick Sentience - XL

19 - Polymental - Chapter 1 (Mark Sherry Remix)

20 - Paul Webster - Cut Off

21 - Ayla-Ayla (Paul Webster Remix)

22 - Mike Walker - Another Summit

23 - Future Disciple - 28 Tracks Later

Still a couple of IDs I'm not sure about but otherwise complete! :thumbsup:

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01. Arnej - They Always Come Back (Coldharbour Records)

02. Ali Wilson – Shakedown (In Charge 2008)

03. Coldplay vs. Sander van Doorn - Pura Violeta (XiJaro Bootleg) (White Label)

04. Jochen Miller - Lost Connection (High Contrast)

05. Judge Jules - Judgement Theme (New Mix) (White Label)

06. Jaydee vs White Stripes - Unknown (Judge Jules Mashup) (White Label)

07. Kamui – Spielzeug (Fe Records 2008)

08. Will Atkinson – Cloud Surfing (CGI Records 2008)

09. Linkin Park - Numb (Heatbeat Bootleg) (White Label)

10. Dazzle - Chaos Theory (Soundpiercing)

11. Airwave feat Didier Likeng - Sunshine In Your Heart (Bonzai)

12. Simon Ross - Sex in a Bulgarian Dizko (White Label Bootleg)

13. Bk & Garbo - Damage (Riot Records 2008)

14. Justice - Stress (DJ Jack Stressful Bootleg) (White Label)

15. Danny Powers - Eternal Call (Nu-Depth Records 2008)

16. Will Atkinson – Slipped Disk (White Label)

17. Soft Cell vs SVD vs Southside Spinners - Unknown (Judge Jules Mashup) (White Label)

18. BK & Nick Sentience - XL (Riot Records)

19. Polymental - Chapter One (Mark Sherry's Outburst Mix) (FiveAm Records 2008)

20. Paul Webster - Cut Off (Captivating Sounds)

21. Ayla - Ayla (Paul Webster En-Trance 2008 Intro Remix) (White Label)

22. Mike Walker - Another Summit (White Label)

23. Future Disciple - 28 Tracks Later (MOS Records)

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Well done to you Mike, I didnt notice your track there (Ive not played as far as the end yet lol. Still going strong and its been around for quite a while now lol

Cheers mate! ;)

I'm quite surprised Jules been playing it for as long as he has to be honest. However I'm not complaining! :lol:

It's still a great feeling to hear it in his sets & on the radio. I'm sure you know what I mean when you hear yours being played B)

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Countdown to Shakedown


Hot on the heels of the gigantic collab ‘Organic’ from Marco V & Sander van Doorn, In Charge Records is about to treat you on another big summer festival gem!

On early support are already Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules and the V man himself. The tune we’re talking about is Ali Wilson’s latest offering ‘Shakedown’.

Ali Wilson’s star is rising by the day and with a string of quality releases and it seems there is no stopping him. Shakedown is Hulk size strong and rumoured to be Ali’s biggest single to date.

Loving the single so much, head honcho Marco V has added a beefed, crunched and funked up remix.

Release date is set for August 15, so watch out for it!!!

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