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Jules 30/08/08


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Highlights from Creamfields

Ernesto & Bastian - Stranger In Paradise (High Contrast)

Marc Marberg With Kyau & Albert - Orange Bill [stoneface & Terminal Mix] (Euphonic)

MW - Superstition Break (CDR)

Richard Durand – Pacman

Emilio Fernandez - Let It Go (Songbird Records)

Richard Durand V Madagascar (White Label Bootleg)

Tidy Boys Interview from Creamfields

Oukidi - Baila El Chici Chici [Fred Baker Mix] (CDR)

Skytek – Soiree (Vinyl Pusher)

Robert Nickson/Amp/Daniel Kandi - Liberate [Ruben De Ronde Mix] (CDR)

Sylvia Tosun - Underlying Feeling [Adam K & Soha Mix] (Sea To Sun)

Matty Martinez – Launched (CDR)

BK interview from Creamfields

Trevor Reilly – Escapade (23rd Precinct)

Judge Jules’ Set from BBC Introducing Bus at Creamfields

Judge Jules – Judgement Theme (CDR)

Gareth Emery vs. Delerium – This Is Silence (CDR)

Ali Wilson – Shakedown (Tekelek)

Arnej – They Always Come Back (Cold Harbour)

White Stripes vs. Jaydee – Plastic Nation Army (CDR)

DJ Mog’s Set from BBC Introducing Bus at Creamfields

U2 – Beautiful [DJ Mog & Phil Crawf Remix] (CDR)

DJ Mog Interview from Creamfields

Swen Webber – The Pusher

Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes [space Hustlers Remix]

Warp Brothers – Phatt Bass [DJ Mog Bootleg] (CDR)

Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At [Robbie Rivera Mix] (XL)

The Recovery Record - Fatboy Slim’s Choice

The Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze (Epic)

The I Player listen again aint workin, it is externally via realplayer but the stream is kuffed, its jumping forward a bit too fats like its playing doublethe speed but its not its jumping forward like that!!!

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Not a bad show indeed, really like the following in particular

Ernesto & Bastian - Stranger In Paradise (High Contrast)

MW - Superstition Break (CDR)

Matty Martinez – Launched (CDR)

In relation to Jules mix from the supposedly "BBC Introducing New Music Bus", why does he continuously play Arnej and his awful White Stripes bootleg.

I thought the purpose of the BBC Bus was to introduce new music, Jules cd wallet must be bulging with fresher banging tracks??? He has been playing them 2 tracks for the last 3-4 months, surely he doesn't need to rely on the same track selection for every big event. Don't get me wrong brothers, but I think that Arnej track is a great tune.

On a positive note, good to hear him play his "Judgement Theme" track rather than "Laid Bare" which I think deserves a well earned break from his sets.

No offense to Jules but that White Stripes bootleg is absolutely dreadful in my opinion...what was he thinking when he produced it??

For those interested you can obtain download links for the show from www.alldj.org <_<

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Jules must just love 'They Always Come Back', personally though if I have a track I really love I still try & mix it up a little, Jules seems to hammer the same tunes in every set (radio or otherwise) for months on end. No matter how good a track is I'd be fed up of it after that much play

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That "This Is Silence" bootleg is awful too. Armin played it at Passion last week - one very awful track which stood out like a sore thumb an an otherwise good set.

I agree about Jules continually caning the same tunes. For someone that always says he recieves hundreds of new promos via his website each week, I find it staggering that only one or two per week seem to make it as far as his CD wallet.

This is why I don't go out my way to see Jules in clubs any more. Too much predictability, too much dodgy looping and 'messing about', and too many bootlegs. I've seen Jules about 6 times over the 18 months - and EVERY time i've seen him, he's played Laid Bare. Regadless of how good a tune is, they shouldn't be supported in set-after-set for 18 months. A few occasional plays is fine, but to be a constant tune in every set is over the top.

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I went to see Jules in the Vaults in Dublin on Friday night and you could predict his set track list :lol: :lol: ,,,

I'll have a guess shall I?

Laid Bare, Gareth Emery vs. Delerium – This Is Silence, his White Stripes bootleg, and that awful Tainted Love vs Luvstruck bootleg?

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He even played that Alex Klanari "Lifter" track...I was well steamed by the time Jules came on.... :lol: :lol: .....He played Biffy Clyro – Machines (Charlie G and Vandal remix)....That "Machines" is a great track...He played the predictable set incorporating all tracks mentioned :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I might head to see David Dunne next week in Tripod...Saw him there few weeks ago, he plays some great funky house, I was quite impressed with David Dunne...

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Jules played another tune after the White Stripes bootleg and l can't think what it's called -its a recent tune too. :wall:

hello is Joomla - Unknown Jules plays as unknown i found out is this name

Dj Preach - Joomla (Boom Tsjak Records 2008)

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