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Judgement Sundays DVD


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Not quite sure what to make of this? Trackidown.net sent me a Judgement Sundays email (they seem t be affiliated to the night) in which there was a link to weekly Judgement Sundays DVD's. Naturally I followed the link like a child following the Pied Piper of Hamlet. It all looks very strange to me <_< .

Each week they have video'd the night with exclusive interviews and footage. That sounded pretty coll so I thought I'd see what monies they were demanding for such goodies.....

Well they can get f****d at £19.99 per DVD!!! Cheeky buggers.

Welcome to the WTFI Shop and home of Who The F**k Is... Merchandise, DVDs and Events. WTFI is the exclusive retailer of the Judgement Sundays Ibiza 2008 Event DVDs. We are in Ibiza all summer long, filming each and every Judgement Sundays event and then bringing the whole Judgement Sundays experience to you every single week with an exclusive DVD. Each DVD features the latest Ibiza happenings, Interviews with the Judgement Sundays DJ's who played on the night, and unique footage from the club and the crowd. No DVD will ever be the same plus they feature the latest music of the summer from DJ's that play at Judgement Sundays. Plus who knows - if you were there then you could be on the DVD too!!!!!!

Each week the DVD will be available to purchase actually on the island, and also here online from our store. With every online purchase you will also automatically be entered in to our end of season competition with some exclusive DJ and Ibiza memorabilia up for grabs plus the chance to go to see one of the Judgement Sundays resident DJ's at a massive event throughout the winter months. If you spot yourself on one of the DVDs then please make sure you let us know and we'll put you in the WTFI Hall of Fame.

Has anyone bought one of these DVD's whilst out in Ibiza?

Edit: Oh yeah.. Here's the link:

DVD Link

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