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Gatecrasher Red & Black is Back...

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Dress Code Strictly Red & Black!

As the theme of the party suggests, the dress code is strictly Red and Black. This means that each person must be wearing a minimum of one item of Red, Black or Red and Black clothing.

No Effort = No Entry

Stuck for something to wear? Check out our exclusive Gatecrasher Red & Black Merchandise. Only available at www.gatecrasher.com


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Dress Code Strictly Red & Black!

As the theme of the party suggests, the dress code is strictly Red and Black. This means that each person must be wearing a minimum of one item of Red, Black or Red and Black clothing.

No Effort = No Entry

Looks like I'll have to pull out my party-piece then:


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Reach for the lasers!

License secured for Lasers at Gatecrasher Red & Black

Gatecrasher Red & Black is Back!

Saturday 25th October

Carling Academy, Sheffield

10pm – 6am

Crasher Arena

Matt Hardwick

Scott Bond

Agnelli & Nelson

John ‘00’ Fleming


Room 2 Hosted by Electrik Playground

Adam Sheridan

Riley & Durrant


James Dutton

Tickets Available online at www.gatecrasher.com/tickets

Early Birds £10 + BF // SOLD OUT

NUS Tickets £10 + BF

Standard £15 + BF

** Please note Valid NUS Cards must be shown on collection on NUS Tickets. If a Valid NUS cannot be produced, you will be charged the standard entry price**

Dress Code: STRICTLY Red & Black.

Stuck for something to wear? Take a look at Gatecrasher’s exclusive Red & Black merchandise only available at www.gatecrasher.com/shop

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Gatecrasher catch up with Matt Hardwick ahead pf his set at Gatecrasher Red & Black this Saturday, Carling Academy, Sheffield:

GC: Hi Matt. How are you?

MH: Yes, good thanks.

GC: What have you been up to recently?

MH: The usual really, loads of travelling on the DJing front. I have just come back from the states and have dates in Korea, Prague and Moscow in the next couple of weeks. I actually had laser eye surgery for the second time a couple of weeks ago, so I had a weekend off which felt weird. I was one of the first people in the UK to have the procedure done about 12 years ago and my eyesight has deteriorated slightly over the past couple of years so I decided to have a re-tune. I am glad to report that all seems fine.

GC: You are launching your own record label, Kill the lights on Monday 27th October. Can you tell us a bit about this?

MH: Its something that I have been meaning to do for some time. The label will basically be an avenue for me to release my own material and for me to bring through some of the many up and coming young artists that the scene has to offer. Although the focus will be on the music I am known for, there will be a push to try out new styles to keep things interesting. Its great having the freedom to put out my own material and to be able to sign other artists who catch my eye. Also, I think the days of a DJ staying at the top of the game on DJing ability alone are now over. You need to add another string to your bow. Production is key and things like a label and compilations CDs are all integral to maintaining profile.

GC: The first single to be released on Kill the Lights is ‘Supernal’ by yourself and has already had airplay on ASOT by Armin Van Buuren. Can you talk us through the process of creating a track?

MH: I tend to get two or three tracks that I really like and work initially on emulating the sound that they capture. This normally establishes the percussive side and tempo. From there I will look to build in the chords and from there a top line. Supernal was actually an instrumental up until about 2 months ago. I sent this over to Melinda and she wrote the vocal and recoded some guide vocals for me to consider. I felt that it was a hit from the first time I heard it, so it was simply a case of recording the vocal and mixing it....and there we had it.

GC: You have been Djing for quite some time now and last year saw you come in at Number 48 in the DJ mag top 100 DJs, 16 places up from the previous year. With the results for 2008 to be announced shortly, how important are these polls to you?

MH: They mean nothing to me really. However, the international promoters tend to use them as a barometer when deciding which DJs to book. This being said, I am not sure if they really have any impact on my career one way or the other. I suppose it is more important for the guys breaking through than it is for established DJs. Its a shame that it has become a bit of a popularity contest.

GC: Can you tell us who have been your major influences musically?

MH: I think that the likes of Paul Oakenfold have really influenced me in terms of the type of music I play. In terms of my DJ ethos, I have taken a lot from the way Sasha approaches the industry generally and have followed his career from the early 1990s.

GC: You have been associated with Gatecrasher for many years now, what are your thoughts on Gatecrasher being back in Sheffield after Gatecrasher One sadly burnt down last year?

MH: Its great to be back in my home town but like everyone I was so sad to hear about the club burning down last year. Hopefully this will be the start of something new. Another plus is that I can go and see my mum and get her to do my washing for me.

GC: You headlined the last of Gatecrasher’s legendary Red & Black parties. What can the Gatecrasher crowd expect from you at this event?

MH: I always have a great time playing these events. I will knock out a few classics that I am sure will bring a smile to more than a few faces. I lived and breathed Gatecrasher for so many years and I think that is appreciated by the loyal followers. Its difficult for me to hide what the tunes mean to me. I remember playing Sasha Expander at one of the events about three years ago. The place erupted and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I thought that I was going to cry (thankfully I didn’t!). I will always go that extra yard when it comes to Gatecrasher.

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