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Judge Jules Global Warm Up Guest Mix


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Hey all,

Thought I'd upload my Guest Mix which went out on Jules' Global Warm Up Show last week. It's a bummer to find any site to tune into the actual show and the sites are all foreign which means working out what time to tune in at...! Luckily Jules' producer sent me an mp3 of it. Beware it, randomly cuts out for an advert break about 8mins in which I've managed to edit slightly.... lol.

Any feedback is always more than welcome! :)


Fergie - To The Core

Smith & Selway - Total Departure [Cirez D Rmx]

Momentum - Planck [Will Atkinson Rmx]

Melodia - Motion Theory

Simon Patterson - US

David Forbes - Questions Must be Asked

Thought I'd post up the sites and times for the show too if anyone's interested in listening to future shows.

Cyprus Mix FM Saturdays 9pm-11pm

Ireland Beat 102/103 Saturday s 8pm-10pm

Lebanon Mix FM Fridays 1am-3am

Russia Radio Record Thursdays 10pm 12am

Over & out! B)

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