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2 tracks from JJ's very early friday show


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Hello folks. Within a few months of JJ's friday show, he played 2 blinding tracks that i never got the titles for. I only heard them on this one friday show and never again. One was a Halloween track with audio from Donald Pleasance (he says, "as a matter of fact, it was") in the film, which ended the track before a scary laugh.

The other was a scottish bagpipes sounding track, i think a remix of Inferno Sorti De L'enfer? I think this one might be a DJ Rainbow mix, not sure. I think both tracks were played between 10pm and 10.30pm with a Swimmer remix of The Clash "I can't stop"? inbetween.

Ive checked all maner of archive listings, including this websites.

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Welcome to the board sir!

We're unfortunately missing info on most of the October 97 shows, but is there a chance that we could persuade you to hook up your tapedeck to your PC and digitize and share the content of the cassette tape? So we can create a complete tracklist for the show :)

When converted to MP3, i suggest you use one of the following services to put it online:

Swoopshare or Uploaded.to

That way we can have a listen, and the audio can be a part of our Audio Downloads Archive (if thats OK with you).

Thanks in advance ;)

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Hi FuzzY, thanks, if i ever get round to recording my cassette audio, i'll upload them tracks for you. Ever thought of asking Radio1 for all the tracklistings and audio?

I did this many years ago and I was told that the only tracklistings they had was what was currently on the Radio 1 website. I'm not sure if that was a lazy answer or the truth, but we've been trying to piece together 1997-2001 ever since... and not done too bad a job of it I don't think!

The problem at the moment is the gap left from the end of mixmag's publishing of Jules tracklistings (1998-), up until what myself and other members have constructed from tapes or saved (-2000). Ironically, it's the era everyone seems to cherish the most!

I'd definitely advocate ripping whatever you have onto audio cassette, Jay, because once it's digitized forever we can zip it around the hidden depths of the internet and get them ID'd for you :) And of course, considering that audio you have on tape is so rare and hard to get hold of, my ulterior motive would be to perhaps put it up for download on this site with all the others, if you had a nice segment of continuous audio that is! ^_^

Welcome to the board!

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The BBC would never give out their audio archives for free or at all.

I seem to remember a while back the director of Radio 1 (or perhaps the BBC) saying that the archives were to be made available to all. Does any one else remember this? It seems a bit unfair that we don't have access really. While I understand there is literally millions of hours of audio that would need to be digitized, and a massive headache to decide what gets done in what order there does seem to be some legitimacy behind a claim that I have some basic rights of access as a paying license holding citizen.

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Yeah, I remember that, although it seems to have fell on deaf ears as it was at least three years ago I read that.

I agree though, they really need to get their arses into gear and sort it out. They have to be at the forefront of technology (like BBC HD) because we pay them to do it, so they should be working a lot faster on getting audio/archives out to the licence fee paying public. WE are THEIR customers for God's sake.

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