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inside out tomorrow!! woot woot!!


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yesssssssssssss, off to arches tomo for inside out feat judge jules, dogzilla, agnelli & nelson and cutski, gonna be some show!!! can't wait! :D good thing too im on the guest list! nice!!

will report back next wk with a full resume of what happened! ................#

will i f***!!!!! :wink: i'b be too monged!!!!! hehehe :lol:

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patterson was better than jules i thought, some choice of tunes esp good to hear dogzila - dogzila and soren weille mix of carbon shelter me!!!!!

jules was good, he played rank1 - airwave and southside spinnners as well as the revitalised nrg never lost his hardcore!! sure i've got that somewhere lol

also sure he played..marcel woods - advanced, 190e - cubricated (ferry corsten's behind this!!)

nu nrg - casino, dj res - hostess, coldplay(karl g)last tune, dogzila - without u, micky modelle - the beach(i think!!), host others..

he also give us a pa of here we here we here we f***in go!!!!!! pretty funny stuff!! :D

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