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Matt Hardaway's Best of 2008 Mix


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Well thought I'd better do my take on the best of 2008 tunes, these are ones that I have consistantly played over the course of 2008, Be it there is a couple of new tunes that for me really hit the spot, so had to include them as I think I'll be supportng them for quite a while into 2009.

Please take some time to download this mix as I feel it reflects my style very well, and sums up what to expect of me as a DJ.

I hope the tunes for 2009 are even better then this year, but with the ones I have included in this mix nexts years tunes will have a tough job in doing so.

Matt Hardaway's Best of 2008 Tracklisting

1hr 20min Mix

1. Valentino Kanzyani - 'Neuva York' (Nick Callaghan 08 Hustlin Vocal)

2. Joy Kitikonti - 'Joy Energizer' (Dj Choose Remix)

3. Simon Ross - 'Sex in a Bulgarian Dizko'

4. Linkin Park - 'Numb' (Heatbeat Bootleg)

5. Will Atkinson - 'Cloud Surfin'

6. MW - 'Pyramid Heat'

7. Heatbeat - 'Paradise Garage'

8. Fred Baker v Simon Patterson - 'Lunar Smack' (Chaz Dos Santos Mashup)

9. A&N Project - 'Just when' (DJ Mog & Phil Crawf Mix)

10. DJ Mog & P.Crawf Pres Tatoe Groove - 'Tarantula' (DJ Mog Remix)

11. Rob Dougan - 'Clubbed To Deaf' (Will Atkinson Revisted!)

12. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin (Rob Corbo Remix)

13. Mac & Taylor -'Scream the Riff'

14. Kamui - 'Electro slut'

15. W-Unit - 'Techy Human Compadre'

16. Paul Webster - 'Problems'


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