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Hello from Thailand!


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Sorry about this, but I like making you all jealous!

However this is our last country before Blighty brings us back to reality, job-huniong and house-hunting again.

Before that we have another week and a half here in Phuket and then finish in Bangkok for 3 nights. Been to some dodgy clubs here, but the tuneage was the nearest to trance I've heard in a club for months! Sort of techno, with some Japanes DJ, who let me flick though his CDs. Didn't recognise a thing! Oh well

I'm going to be at Inside Out on the 29th October if anyone's about, Craig, Tim??? I know Armin is at Colours the week before, but maybe some of you will have recovered!

Missing the board, but I'll be back!

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Well, this mammoth holiday is in its last week now and you'll probs be glad to here that its been p1ssing it down here for most of the time! Bit of an exaggeration, but we've not seen much sun!

We go to Bangkok tomorrow (our last stop). Hope to get lots of cheap clothes/bags/T-shirts, etc. If its anything like here, it shouldn't be too difficult!

Then get back in Blighty on Friday, to catch up on sleep after the flight, and then off to the Arches for Eddie. Come on!!

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It sounds absolutely awesome and need to do something like it myself in a few years time.

If you get the chance, I really recommnd it (Obviously :D ) The flights only cost £1400 each, so with 14 flights it was £100/flight! Fcuking amazing or what. The biggest mistake we made was staying in hotels everywhere. Some of the places we should've stayed in apartments and cooked our own food and stuff, but other than that, it was totally brilliant.

I'm feeling pretty down at being back and my body clock is completely out of control. Only problem now is that we both have to find jobs :cry: Not sure what to go for, but deffo want to avoid start work at 5 AM, like I did before. Think I'll deffo wait a couple of weeks until I feel like going back, otherwise it will come across in any interview. Fortunately we've done 90% of Xmas shopping in Bangkok. So bloody cheap once you crack the haggling lark!

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