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Jules' show 15/10


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Here's this week's TL (with corrections):

Saturday 15th October 2005

1. Paris Avenue 'I Want You' (Extended Mix) (Data)

2. Royksopp '49%' (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) (Wall Of Sound)

3. Kingpinz 'On My Knees' (White Label)

4. Discoboys ft. Manfred Mann's Earth Band 'For You' (Dub Mix) (Kontor)

5. Denis The Menace 'Time To Turn Around' (White Label)

6. Hound Dogs 'I Like Girls' (Young Punx Remix) (Direction)

7. Madonna - 'Hung Up' (SDP Extended Dub Mix) (Maverick)

8. Funkaholicz 'Junction 1' (White Label)

9. Eurythmics -'I've Got A Life' (David Guetta & Joachin Garroud Remix) (Arista)

10. Tronic Inc 'Beloved' (Kitschy)

**Judge Jules' Tried & Tested**

11. Richard Duranda 'Unknown' (White Label)

12. Sunsonic featuring Jeremy Carr 'Private Room' (Pure Orange)

13. Signalrunners 'Corrupted' (White Label)

14. Green Day & Dave Onex 'Broken Dreams' (White Label)

15. DJ Res 'Hostess' (White Label)

16. Marco V 'False Light' (In Charge)

17. Mory Kante 'Yeke Yeke' (Karl G Remix) (White Label)

18. Organ Donors 'Turntablism' (White Label)

**The Saturday Night Mix**

19. Solid Globe 'Black Wood' (Fundamental)

20. E-Love presents Vrantique 'Vrantique' (Remix) (Bonzai)

21. DHT 'Listen To Your Heart' (F&W Dub Mix) (Data)

22. Martin Roth 'Shockwaves' (Lunatique)

23. Nu NRG 'Casino' (Vandit)

24. Lume 'Lume' (Adam Sheridan Remix) (Monster Force)

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private room track is actually pure orange feat jeremy carr - private room (on pure orange records), dht - listen to your heart (f&W) on data.

richard duranda has a title and a label but cant think what it is???!!

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god i want that richard duranda tune. the for you tune is apparantly For You-For You not sure how accurate it is but hey, ill work on it.

This is what I have that 'For You' song as:

Discoboys ft. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You (Dub Mix)

Hope that helps... :)

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