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Deck stands


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Im moving into a new place in a couple of weeks so I thought i'd better get a deckstand as I didnt want to use the one I am currently (a modified work desk from my school days!).

Looked at the ones available to buy but the prices take the pis*s really as in effect most are just made of MDF.

Went to B&Q where some old timer cut my pieces to measure. This created much annoyance to the ten people in the cue behind me waiting to get their small volumes done. I was there waiting for 20-25min. I was like :oops: getting some right dirty looks from people behind me.

Cost £38, which should have really been £36 but the old boy couldn't figure the logistics of getting it all out of 3 pieces. Anyway, have assembled it now and its as good/better than the £150-300+ stands available to buy as ready-made units.

Its made to measure to my preferred height and configured to have plenty of record storage space.

Job done :) .

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