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judge jules classics...records for sale


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hi guys,

been going through the crates at home and stumbled upon my judge jules era (between 1997 and 1999) which is no longer really the kinda stuff i play so im going to flogg it all and thought you may be interested. like you lot probably do now i would listen to his show one week and get down the shops the next to buy whatever i could so theres plenty of jems that im sure you couldnt find now and its always nice to have the first promo's/ presses of things anyway...plus THEY DONT MAKE UM LIKE THEY USED TOO and its always good to have a few tricks up ya sleave when playing out.

here you go, big big tunes, lots of um were tried and tested of the week etc. didnt wanna put prices first, al let you say what youre willing to pay and go from there if your interested. any questions just ask, i appreciate you may not reckognise the names but al tell you whats essential if you want. i bought these tunes as a kid not eating any lunch at school and saving my dinner money so i couldnt afford to waste any on s***.maybe the odd couple will look cheesy now but its easy for good s*** to break into the charts a couple of years later when the rest of society catches up.

you can even call me up and al play um down the phone too ya!

Hands burn – good shot – spot on –

Marc et claude – la – positiva -

Miss peppermint – let me hear the dj – kingsize

Js;16 stomping system – promo

The invisible man – give a little love – white

Chppoer – 7 hours in a bathroom – white

Green court – moonflight- club guerrilla

Headlners – whos my dj – lemon records

Funhouse – peace and unity – proceed

Orinoco – Orinocos groove – le club

Ruff drivers – la musica – inferno – untidy dub

Billy – girlfriend (d influence mix) – innocent

Lucid – stay with me till dawn (jan driver) – delirious

Quake – mantra forever – essential

Yolanda – synth and strings- manifesto

Southside spinners- love struck – dmd

Blue Adonis – disco cop – serious

Dj sakin and friends – nomansland – overdose

Da fool – meet him at the blue oyster bar- white

Da fool – no good - white

Final fantasy – sequence of love – suck

Kinky pants – ep - premium records-

White – miracle vocal trance – white

The shrink – nervous breakdown – neo

Dusk till dawn – fine night- xtra nova

Gatecrasher red album

Bulletproof – mistakes – tidy trax

The benedict brothers – honey child – tidy trax

The olmac heads – spiritualised – neo

The rythym masters vs dj supreme – enter the scene – distcinctive

Club foot – a star is porn –

Quintessesntial – a day to remember- white

Paul van dyke – 45 rpm album – deviant

Lucid – I cant help myself – delirious

Perpetual motion – keep on dancing – bright green record promo

Fragma – toca me (before crap vocal with bangin in peppeto mix) – orbit

Dj jean – the lauch – mo bizz

Pf project – choose life – posiitva

Dj juergen – better off alone – violator

Energy 52 – café del mar – nalin n kane remixes – grand casino

Da hool – meet her at the love parade – bonsai

Binary finery – original white – 98

Mauro picotto – lizard – nucleus

Ayla – ayla – positive

Jps – found a lover (for an angel with lover acca)- white

Boccaccio life – the secret wish – neo

Vicnet de moor – shamu – deal

Veracocha – carte blanche- deal

Tiesto/ corsten - Gouryella – tsunami

Art of trance – maddagascar – platypus

Sytem f (corsten)- out of the blue- tsunami

Robert miles – children – dc

Bbe – desire- label unknown promo

Mindwalkers- the future – gold

Moon project – moonrise – bonsai

Little tykes- tykes

Secret servie- hpe- barb – exploration – up traxx

Bcm project – journey through my mind- future dance

Pedro and benno – scream for love- karma

Pedro and benno – talking to you – karma

Mark nrg – hosue music – Tripoli trax

White label – red record- pumpin house tune

Dj caran – go with the flow- shazzam – phunkee music- Tripoli traxx

Algerbraic – burning up – caged

Jonesy – independence – caged

Push – universal nation – bonsai

Gold n delicious – ascention – klub 18 30stravl – bulgaian – jinx

Hurricane – on and on - esential

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It makes me sad to think you'll take these down your local store where they might not be appreciated forever... :cry: unfortunately I've just bought most of these (another batch arriving soon!) otherwise I'd nab them. I'd hang on to them mate and sell them elsewhere, ebay or something, despite the space they take up.

So just these four buddy (see my PM)

BBE – 'Desire' [unknown promo]

Vincent de Moor – 'Shamu' [Deal]

Gatecrasher Red album

Bulletproof – 'Mistakes' [Tidy Trax]

and if you really are desperate to get rid of them but feel generous, throw in some more! :wink:

Think we're the mostly likely people on this board to appreciate the tunes. :)

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Very cheeky indeed Mr Traill, but probably correct! I doubt you'll get any more thrown in though having said that, this is music we're talking about here - sound recordings - they evoke emotions by pressing the right buttons in people's conscience.. so IMO its better to send them to knowledgable folks than say, a charity shop where the chavs can get at them and play them all at +12 speed whilst manhandling them.

May I congratulate you Mark on a splendid segment of your collection, I remember most of them so you have excellent taste!

Some absolute jewels in there as you say... much to my appreciation as you can see <--- :D

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yeah its sad to let go but i cant see a slot in my set for um and dont think one will return. i know a few shops that specialise in this kinda stuff so al try them and put the rest on an ebay lot for what doesnt go...so al let you know tim when and you may be onto a bargain!

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