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Help me for a Mix CD Title


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It's going to be a summer mix, but quite special and I have these images in my head for some reason so would like to ask you to put forward (max) two adjectives or idioms for how you would describe these images :)

I took these when I was on hols and thought of some tracks that I maybe use in a mix!

Thank you all :rolleyes: :mrgreen:

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Thanks to all thus far who have posted/contributed, some great suggestions and have duly noted these down.

I'll mix [the mix] and then ponder over the piece of paper with the titles and 'feel' which one resonates appropriately whilst in motion :)

Mike; yep, you're right, these were taken from Dubai in 2007 when the lady and I were on hols and I popped the question... :wub: Very fortunate to have been able to visit since my Dad is currently working out there, otherwise it's way too expensive - could just about afford the flight ticket! However, for anyone thinking of visiting, I strongly recommend :winkthumbsup:

The tracks that I'm going to use in this mix were not thought of whilst out there, but more so since I've sold my desktop and moved onto a laptop. As I restored my music and trawled through some files, I spotted a few tracks that essentially I have, but have not played/or put into a mix and these were exactly the images that I had in mind to describe how this mix will be. So, I wanted to utilise these as best I could and in my view, they or very summery/laid back/easy/relaxing listening (for want of a better description) - if that makes sense :wall: ). After finding half a dozen or so, I thought I'd dig around a little more to make up a mix and turn this into a set that I would love to share with you all. Watch the mixes space if you're interested...

Cheers again B)

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