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A feast of audio to come!


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Hey boys & girls!

Got some good news for you!

I've gone through all my tape archive and made a list of all the tapes that I have and what dates they correspond to.

Myself & Fuzzeh also went through the list and have colour coded the dates for:-

A) Tapes that have already been audio archived and uploaded

B) Tapes that have already been audio archived but NOT uploaded

C) Tapes that have not been audio archived

D) Tapes of shows with the Tracklist on the website

E) Tapes of shows with partial tracklist on the website

F) Tapes of shows with no tracklist on the website

I've counted all the tapes I have and there are 79 of them:-

15 of them have been audio ARCHIVED & POSTED on JJA.

9 of them DO NOT have a corresponding Tracklist on JJA (these will be a priority for recording so we can build a tracklist and post on the website as well)

5 of them DO have a corresponding Tracklist on JJA, but it's incomplete, and I have the full shows (these will also be a priority for recording)

There are also quite a few Saturday shows that I have, a mixture of 90 minute and 2 hour recordings, if my memory serves me correctly, most of the the 90 minute shows were recorded from 7.30-9pm to include the 3/4 track mix at the end :)

Just thought I'd update you on this, we have a thread in our admin section with a list of all the shows & dates and will be updating it as I record stuff to keep track of where we are and also for my benefit.

I will be recording a show later today from Friday 15th January 1999 which is a show that has no tracklist on JJA :)

As I am still out of work I will be dedicating time to archiving this stuff, but as you can imagine its a mammoth task!

Just thought I'd update you all on where we are with the Audio.



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