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Why I Love Bootsales


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One thing did dint expect to stumble upon was a guy selling two crates of techno records, warp, axis, tresor,aphex twin, square pusher, jeff mills, speedy j etc.. the works! aswell as few drum n bass records and some mo wax comps too, If I had spotted this stall first I wouldve spent any money on Cd's!, I can't be buying everything though, havent got enough room for many more records!

He wanted 50p per release, yes per release, weather it be a single 12 or 5X12"!

So I snapped up:

Dave Clarke-Archive 1 2X12" (Deconstruction)

Dave Clarke-Red 3 (Thunder/The Storm) 12" (Deconstrcution)

Thomas Bangalter-Trax On Da Rocks 2 12" (Roule)

Photek-Modus Operandi 3X12" (Science)

Juan Atkins-MM 3X12" (Kickin Records)

Ken Ishi-Stretch Limited Red 12" (R&S)

Sam Mollison-Cry (Fade DMC Mix) white label 12"

Patrick Pulsinger - Dogmatic Sequences Vol. II 12" (R&S)

What a steal for 4 quid :) ,

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Nice work Jason! Doesn't happen very often.

I remember going to the Reading festival some years back - feeling down because I'd camped for 3 days listening to music I was not into - when I stumbled across a warehouse just outside selling promo dance CDs and old vinyl. They were 50p as well - they hadn't a clue what they were selling, I think I spent nearly £20 on bags full of stuff :)

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The promo CDs were not new promos I should add. I can only think they were possibly from a local radio station and now no longer wanted. Mostly Astral Music and Positiva CD singles with individual promotional blurb stuck on the back, but still great to pick up nonetheless.

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