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Made the most of it, dress up as austin powers. Hi light of the night, gettin interviewed for dave p|ss show!

Bye the way were you on Dave's show last week and if so approx what time was it on?

no for frig sake, though a mate was on!

Where did the piture of the bloke with veg and two veg slip in from? Is that from your personal collection? :wink:  :wink:

yeah put that in by miststake!

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There's some of the best ever costumes there! The guy covered in blood with the alien coming out of him is well good. And the Ghostbusters one 8-)

In the picture with Austin (you?) cuddling the rather buxom young lady, the guy behind with a fag in his hand went in a very effective 'I'm very fcuked' costume. :D:lol:

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