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TJR - Screwdriver


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I've just completed yet another track. The latest production under my TJR guise is called Screwdriver. I've gone for a real up front trance sound for this one compared to the more techy sound of my last one Petroleum.

Would love to get some feedback & hear your thoughts as always, especially on the production quality. This one is entirely mastered at audio track / instrument level with just a little bit of compression on the master channel to round off the final sound.

TJR - Screwdriver [128k]

Cheers :)

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Another top notch effort there mate, it seems you can do wrong at the moment! Kinda reminds me of the stuff F&W & DJ Choose used to do a couple of years back which is definately a good thing...

I absolutely love Petroleum as well, played it loads over the past couple of weeks or so :)

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