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Club Educate | John Gibbons | August 06-09, 2009

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The Aural Assault Continues!

live webcast every week @ http://www.spin1038.com

live on digital TV every week on NTL Channel 934

PPI Irish Radio Award Nominee 2007/8 - Best Specialist Show

Irish Dance Music Award Winner 2008 - Best Radio Show

Irish Dance Music Award Runner-up 2009 - Best Radio Show


Thursday: http://tinyurl.com/CE-THURS

Saturday Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/CE-SAT-01

Saturday Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/CE-SAT-02

Club Educate Gobal 001: http://tinyurl.com/CE-GLOBAL001



Radio Playlist for: Thursday 06/08/09


Moguai - I.D.Y. (I Dance You) (Punx)

Wicked Wax Screamer: Jan de Jong - Choose Life (Club Educate)

Maurizio Gubellini - Insane (Spectra)

Savage Cabbage: Atlantic Drift ft. Vee - Love Will Find A New Day (Ispirato) Listeners Verdict: Cabbage!

Thom V & Ciaran Fox - Untitled (CD-R)


Re-ward vs Rank 1 - Let There Be Light Twice [Jaylo Bootleg] (CD-R)

Ben Nicky - Catapult [Fabio Stein's Uprise Remix] (Abstract)

Mallorca Lee - Krunch (In Charge)

Alan Wyse - Gifted Soul [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (CGI)

Musical MILF: M3 - Bailamos (Vale Music) Year:1999

John O'Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Liquid Fire (Armada)

Guest: Scimon Tist

Clubbers Poll:

Is clubbing better inside or outside Dublin?

Inside: 47%

Outside: 53%


John Gibbons - Bass Is Pumping 18 to...

Mark Rogers

Ciara Byrne

Sandra Ní Murchú

Denise Rafferty

Double VIP passes for Planet Love 2009 @ Shane's Castle to...

Tina Whittty

Sam O'Reilly


Radio Playlist for: Saturday 08/08/09


Delirium - Silence [unknown Remix] (CD-R)

Josh Gabriel - Rubber (Armada)

ACK & Simon Point - Come With Me [Micha Moor Remix] (Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings)

Marco V - Chemicals (In Charge)

Cosmic Gate - Sign Of The Times [Markus Schulz Remix] (Black Hole)

John O'Callaghan & Tom Colontonio - Through The Light (Armada)

Tatoe & Groove - Tarantula [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (Ego)

Boco - The Bloopool (CD-R)

Paul Webster - The Wolf (Captivating Sounds)


Guestmix: Ian Booth

Bansi & Riktam - The Red Line (Plastik Park)

Marco V - Solitary Confinement [Propaganda Mix] (In Charge)

Paul Webster presents JPW - Tempest (Vibrate Sounds)

Neal Scarborough - Panama (Captivating Sounds)

Steve Allen - Self Belief (Excessive Pressure)

Andy Ling - Fixation [ian Booth Remix] (CD-R)

Paul Webster - The Wolf (Captivating Sounds)

John Gibbons & Scimon Tist - Maktub [Paul Webster Remix] (Club Educate)

Niall Browne - Stars [ian Booth Remix] (Redbox Recordz)


Radio Playlist for: Club Educate Global 001 (Syndicated to radio stations worldwide)

Thom V & Ciaran Fox - Untitled (CD-R)

Fergie - Exit People (Hell Yeah Recordings)

Kobbe & Hugo Rizzo - s*** [balthazar & Jackrock Remix] (Tanira Music)

Stephan Luke - Invisible Man [sultan & Nick Shepard Remix] (Harem Recordings)

Deka & Midnight Society - You Know You Want It [Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova Remix] (Coraza Recordings)

Jan de Jong - Choose Life (Club Educate)

Randy Katana - The Hype (Reset)

Mallorca Lee - Krunch (In Charge)

Tigran Oganezov - Coolapse [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (Phase Seven)

Niall Brown - Stars [ian Booth Remix] (CD-R)

Michael Burian - Circles [Thomas Coastline Remix] (Bohemian Recordings)


Many thanks to Ian Booth, PLM Promotions plus DJ's, labels, agencies, websites and all the listeners for support.

Thanks for the continued feedback!

KEEP TEXTING ON 085 711 1038 or mail Clubber's Poll or Musical MILF suggestions to clubeducate@spin1038.com

E-mail Club Educate Global feedback to global@clubeducate.net

Next Week:

Thursday and Saturday shows!

Special guests!

The hottest new tracks!

Super competitions!


Live Playlist for fortnight ending: Sunday 09/08/09

Paul Webster - The Wolf (Captivating Sounds)

Vizu - Palermo (Club Educate)

Tommy Gunne - Missionary Position (CD-R)

Timmy & Tommy - Brainwashed Jucks

Paul Webster presents JPW - Vital Sign (Vibrate)

Steve Angello - Tivoli [Jon Hanlon Remix] (CD-R)

Sean Cronin - Sabotage (CD-R)

Tigran Oganezov - Coolapse [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (Phase Seven)

Marc de Pulse - PS You Rock [spektre Remix] (Blufin)

John Gibbons & Scimon Tist - Yesterday's Children [Alan Wyse Remix] (Bonzai)

John O'Callaghan & Aly & Fila - Megalithic (Armada)

Way Out West - Only Love [Jerome Isma Ae Remix] (Armada)

Tigran Oganezov - Crysis (CD-R)

Jan de Jong - Choose Life (Club Educate)

John Gibbons - My Norca (Flesh)

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