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Sounds of 1989

Spin Doctor

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:) shared!!

How funny, just had my old school friend round here we both got into the scene around that time but in different ways, and we were discussing those odd memories stick in your mind like Jules' one with the wasps. Then I came on here to read this. :D I was 14-15 then, so 20 years later .......wow!! :thumbsup:

Don't remember anyone having a mobile phone in 1989 though, s*** I didn't even get one until 1999!! :blink:

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HA HA you wally, I went back to find the SAW video, thinking would it be the horror movie, or the Thorpe Park ride, but F*CK ME I wasn't expecting anything that BAD!!

LOL I used to HATE SAW so much, all through my secondary school years, I was so cool compared to my SAW loving friends, ERGH! oh dear!!

I was on TOTP's at the same time as Jason one time though. :)

I also thought for a while that Pete WARDMAN was in fact PETE WATERMAN, and that his musical taste and DJing skills had really changed!! LMAO!

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