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Another odd tune id request!!!!


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Hi all

its that time again when Si dosent remember what he heard but likes it a lot.

All i remember is that its an oldish tune and has male lyrics on the top something to the extent of 'keep it going, keep it moving, you godda have it'

or something on these lines.

your help appreciated as always.


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Played at a  rather illegal rave in par recently too that was fun.

I've been to a few of those, one of them I went to got raided by the police though god knows how they knew where it was, cos even I didn't know til a short time before :?

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they are f***in wicked those raves arent they!!!

I remember one in Exeter that had Mzone, nick the kid, jay sanders, orpheus + akira, tectonic + nicksy, 4 play, ben eye, kev smoothand walters, easygroove and jamie rainbow playing

that was top the best nite i've ever had out.


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