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Jules Xmas Dates


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Just been looking thro Jules' dates over Xmas after Chrissie mentioned he was in Oz, and just look at the mileage Jules will be doing:

Thu 22nd Dec Heaven Adelaide Australia

Fri 23rd Dec Metro Perth Australia

Sat 24th Dec Room 680 Melbourne Australia

Sun 25th Dec Bondai Beach Sydney Australia

Mon 26th Dec Platinum Gold Coast Australia

Obviously he'll be flying, but there's some serious (no pun intended) criss-crossing of Australia going on there.

When I was in Oz (I said there'd be a few :wink: ) we went to a few clubs on the Gold Coast, but only found one that played anything resembling dance. It was more housey than trance, but still a welcome relief to the ears!

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My mate Paul was travelling for a year and a week before Christmas he was sitting on the beach at Kuta in Bali. It was scorching hot and some lads were dressed up in Father Christmas outfits and he said it just didn't feel like Christmas so he got a plane back to England. He wasn't due back for another 3 weeks but said he had no regrets.

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England every time - snow outside, you're inside, by the fire, quietly, warming your feet....

Sounds like a right postcard scene. Although it'd probably be grey and misty or hacking down with rain.

Im not really into the whole festive thing. Xmas is just an excuse for a few piss-ups and a good feed really.

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