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Favourite type of fish!



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I'm extremely dissapointed in you Quaders, where's Swordfish? Possibly the finest fish ever & it's not on the list.

I do enjoy fish, I eat a lot of tuna & salmon (high in protein don't you know) & obviously Cod

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I'm extremely dissapointed in you Quaders, where's Swordfish? Possibly the finest fish ever & it's not on the list.

Yes apparently on here you cannot have more than 20 options for people to vote from in 1 question!

I also had to remove Red Snapper and Winkles, as well as swordfish. Sorry sir :(

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Was very nearly disappointed til I got to the bottom and found Sea Bass, food of kings so it is!

Cheers for this, forgot how much I liked it, haven't had any since my last night in Ibiza in 07!

On a different note, properly cooked Scampi with loads of lemon is my favourite pre club dinner ever.

I absolutely love most seafood, but for some reason I can't stand salmon?

LOL @ Lynnie asking what Fanjita is :D

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Ah but does Quadrant know of medieval cooking methods?

Absolutely. Shellfish in particular would all have been familiar foodstuff to the people of the Middle Ages. Fish - particularly herrings - were often salted and were an integral part of the diet of the medieval people. This to a large extent was because fish days had been designated by the church, which had lain down strict rules for when fish should be eaten. These rules, however, over time, did become more relaxed and in fact - except for annual fasts when at least by most they were observed - by the fifteenth century only Fridays were deemed as fish or fasting days. Having said this, the rules did continue to be followed by some more devout members of society and the church, who, in addition to Fridays, also observed Wednesdays and Saturdays as being fish days.

For an example recipe, I give you Pykes in Brasey (= Grilled Pike in Sauce, from "Forme of Cury"):

Take pykes and vndo hem on the wombes and waisshe hem clene, and lay hem on a roost irne. Thenne take gode wyne and powdour gynger and sugur, good wone, and salt, and boile it in an erthen panne, and messe forth the pyke and lay the sewe onoward.


In modern English, you could follow this recipe for the same meal:

2-4 Medium-sized Pike (or other fish), gutted and cleaned

470ml (16 floz) Red or White Wine

1½ tsp Ginger

1 tbsp Sugar (or to taste)

Salt to taste

Roast or grill the fish until done.

Bring the wine to a boil.

Reduce heat, then add the spices, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.

Cook to reduce the sauce to the desired consistency.

Place the fish on a serving dish, pour a little of the sauce over the fish. Serve the remainder as an accompaniment

> If you prefer you can substitute pike for trout or any other fish you prefer. :)

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