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Hard as....... @ Dukes in Yeovil


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Hi Folkes

Im helping a friend out by promoting an event for him.

The event is called Hard As.... and will be held at Dukes in Yeovil on 18th Nov. Djs on the lineup are:

Organ Donors

Chris Barratt

Dj Rightsound

Jimmy the Saint

and i may well put in a small appearance on the decks as well.

If you want more information go to www.hardasdiscoballs.co.uk or pm me.

Your feedback on this will be more than welcome.

Many Thanks


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all in all it was an ok night, my set went fairly well. Only hitch of the night was my mate locking my keys in my car. Had to get my step dad to come from bournemouth to yeovil to drop off my spare set. Not good. Oh well heres hoping that future gigs will be on the cards. Ill keep you all posted

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didnt go too bad, i was on very early so everyone was still watching the yeovil vs bournemouth match, they arrived just as i finished, which was a little gutting but hey chris barrett said it was a good set so cant be too bad..... the journey into regular gigs continues, watch this space..........

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