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Ticketmaster.co.uk steal your money


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Hadn't used ticketmaster before, I don't know if any of you have, but they add £4.15 and call them "service charges" on each ticket. Thus, 2 tickets to GodsKitchen this weekend meant they charged me £8.30 on top of the normal ticket prices!

Not only that, but take a look at how they itemised my bill:

    Total Ticket Value (2) - £59.00

    Service Charge - £8.30

    Handling (postage) - £0.00

    GRAND TOTAL - £72.25

      But surely my total should be £67.30?

      There's obviously some explanation which no doubt someone will post below, but for now I would like to declare that Ticketmaster.co.uk are thieves!

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Well the reason it took so long was because they apparently cannot send tickets to any address other than your credit card billing one, so it got sent there! Though it was posted up to me the same day from home, they were still cutting it fine in my opinion.

Apologies Steve, it's effectively an extra fiver for our tickets :(

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