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Juno now runs DJ Download


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Content providers would have received the following email, in case people are interested. Taken from bb.4four.org:

DJDownload has been taken over by Juno...

As you may be aware, DJdownload Ltd was placed into administration earlier today. Juno believe that the djdownload.com store is an important part of the electronic music industry and are pleased to announce that we have bought the business and assets from the administrator to allow djdownload.com to continue as a web site.

From a practical perspective, djdownload.com will continue to sell music to their customers but, from today, Juno will be looking after:

Content ingestion

Monthly sales reporting to suppliers

Payments to suppliers.

All of this will be administered through Juno’s existing systems – there is no need for you to change anything on your side apart from no longer delivering content to DJdownload directly. Sales via DJdownload.com from 05 November 2009 onwards will be accounted through Juno, so that monthly sales statements for November 2009 onwards will include these sales as well as those through Juno’s web sites, with all related royalties being paid in December as usual.

Justin Pearse, who I am sure you know, will continue as Head of Music at djdownload.com but their other senior management will not be joining the new venture.

We believe that with the combined strength of the Juno and DJdownload brands, we can make the electronic music download market more competitive, improve customer choice and increase your sales volumes.

The following FAQ should answer any immediate questions you may have, and also includes details of who to contact if you need any further information.


Q. Will I get my outstanding money from DJ Download?

A. The outstanding money from DJ Download for sales up until 04 November 2009 is being managed by the administrator BridgeBR. Please e-mail marguerite.webster@bridgebr.co.uk with your enquiries.

Q. How will the change affect my sales?

A. Both Juno’s web sites and djdownload.com will continue trading as normal during the changeover, so your sales will be unaffected.

Q. Do I need to sign a new licensing agreement?

A. Your existing licensing agreement with Juno will cover sales on djdownload.com from 05 November 2009 onwards, so you do not need to sign a new agreement. This replaces any previous agreement you have had with DJ Download Ltd., which has ceased trading as a company.

Q. Where do I deliver content to from now on?

A. You should continue to deliver content to Juno as normal. Relevant content will automatically appear on djdownload.com as well as on Juno’s web sites. You do not need to deliver any content to DJdownload.

Q. Will Juno redeliver my existing catalogue to DJdownload?

A. All existing content on djdownload.com from suppliers with whom Juno has its own licensing agreement will remain on their web site. Moving forward, Juno will export all newly received content in relevant genres (whether new/future releases or back catalogue) to DJdownload, once the audio files & data have been checked & approved by our staff.

Q. How will sales reporting change?

A. You will continue to receive detailed monthly sales reports as usual from Juno, including sales via djdownload.com from November 2009 onwards. For the next couple of months, the online sales reporting in the LMS will not update in real time for sales via djdownload.com until we have fully integrated the two store’s systems.

Q. How will I be paid and who should I send accounting queries to?

A. All payments will made monthly by Juno. Accounts queries should continue to be sent to digital@juno.co.uk

Q. How do I arrange promotional opportunities on djdownload.com?

A. Please contact Justin Pearse (justin@djdownload.com) to discuss all marketing related to djdownload.com. Similarly, your contacts for arranging promotional and marketing opportunities on Juno’s web sites remain unchanged.

Q. Who should I send takedown requests and amendments to?

A. Please continue to send all content-related enquiries to digital@juno.co.uk

Q. If I have other questions, who should I speak to?

A. For questions about dealings with DJDownload Ltd prior to 05 November 2009, please contact marguerite.webster@bridgebr.co.uk

For questions about the ongoing djdownload.com web site, please contact justin@djdownload.com

For questions about content delivery & accounting from 05 November 2009 onwards or any aspect of Juno’s web sites, please contact digital@juno.co.uk

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I cannot believe DJDownload went into administration, I've always much preferred their store compared to Beatport, Trackitdown etc, and the staff have always been really good, and the free download tokens are great.

I'm really pleased Juno have bailed them out!

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