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Club Educate | John Gibbons | Oct 29-Nov 01, 2009

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The Aural Assault Continues!

live webcast every week @ http://www.spin1038.com


Thursday: http://tinyurl.com/CE-THURS29OCT

Saturday: http://tinyurl.com/CE-SAT31OCT

Club Educate Gobal 013: http://tinyurl.com/CE-GLOBAL013



Radio Playlist for: Thursday 29/10/09


Giuseppe Ottaviani - Fallen [Austin Leeds Remix] (Vandit)

Tocadisco - Too Many Shots Of Jagermeister [Club Mix] (Superstar Recordings)

Savage Cabbage: DJ Mog ft. Mark Le Sal - Not For Long [Original] (Ego Records) Listeners Verdict: Savage!

First State ft. Sarah Howells - Brave (Magik Muzik)

Alex Fisher & Ernesto - The Spring (Reset)


Gaia - Tuvan [Gareth Emery Remix] (405 Recordings)

Talla 2XLC & Robert Burian - Pulse [Manuel del la Mare Remix] (Tetsuo)

Wicked Wax Screamer: David Forbes - Breakout [Darker Mix] (Liquid Recordings)

Andy Richmond - Aint Talkin Bout Love (Dirty Stop Outs)

Simon Patterson - Always (Reset)

Musical MILF: Flickman - Sound Of Bamboo [i Am Records] Year 1999

On The Phone: Eddie Halliwell

Clubbers Poll:

DJ's becoming celebrities?

Yes: 84%

No: 16%


Radio Playlist for: Saturday 31/10/09


Marc Doc & Andy McGirr - Fall Out [Alan Wyse Remix] (CD-R)

Essential Emerald Element: Damo Kay - Lawless [Mark Young Remix] (CD-R)

John Gibbons & Scimon Tist - Yesterday's Children [Original] (Republika/Bonzai)

Adam Corbett - Romper Stomper (CD-R)

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Fallen [Orla Feeney Remix] (Vandit)

Guestmix: Showtek

Tracklist unavailable

On The Phone: Showtek


Co-Hosts: Timmy & Tommy

Tracklist unavailable


Radio Playlist for: Club Educate Global 013 (Syndicated to radio stations worldwide)

Guestmix: Eddie Halliwell

Tracklist Unavailable

Guestmix: Scimon Tist

Electric Soulside - Moulin Rouge [Lazy Rich Remix] (Bugeyed Records)

Deadmau5 - Cat On A Leash (Mau5trap Recordings)

Hatiras - Bass Monkeys (Original Vocal Mix) (Hatrox Records)

Death By Indie - Dis Here! (CDR)

BSOD - BSOD (Xfer Recordings)

BSOD - Roflcopter (CDR)

Sidney Samson - Riverside [Elektrixx Remix] (Sneakerz Muzik Holland)

Geriatric Gem – The Ethics – La Luna (UMM) Year: 1994

Awesome Fact That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Dance Music: In France it is legal to marry a dead person.


Live Playlist for fortnight ending: Sunday 01/11/09

Dr. Willis – Pressure Point [Will Atkinson Remix] (Freefall)

Sean Cleary – Hypnotic (CD-R)

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Fallen [Austin Leeds Remix] (Vandit)

First State ft. Sarah Howells - Brave (Magik Muzik)

Alex Fisher & Ernesto - The Spring (Reset)

David Forbes - Breakout [Darker Mix] (Liquid Recordings)

Tocadisco - Too Many Shots Of Jagermeister [Club Mix] (Superstar Recordings)

Simon Patterson - Always (Reset)

Setrise – Gigaro [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (Neuroscience)

John O'Callaghan ft. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself [Heatbeat Remix] (CD-R)

Brian Taaffe - Moonpig [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Swine Flu Remix] (Spacepig Records)

Tiny Magnetic Pets - Control Me [John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Remix] (Psychonavigation)

Dart Rayne - O.N.U.R.I.S. (CD-R)

Ron van den Beuken & Maarten de Jong - Life's Too Short [Mark Sherry Remix] (RR Recordings)

Umek vs Ramirez - Hablando 2009 (1605)

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