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I Want a New DJ Name Or pseudonym - Any ideas??


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Hi People

im thinking about changing my dj name and have been thinking about this for a while. the main reason to this is i dont think Ian K sounds great and im a bit bored of it.

My full name Is Ian Kraweckyj - Hence why i went for Ian K, as nobody can proncounce or spell Kraweckyj.

I Know of DJs that use a similar sounding name, For example Jon O'bir isnt called Jon O'Bir, his real name is Neil ribbons or something alike.

So Anybody got any ideas of a name i can use, and im trying to keep it normal sounding like jon o'bir and not something like dj xxxxxxx

cheers :winkthumbsup:

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Tbh mate, I dont think there is anything wrong with Ian K. Think the problem is that you think its boring because you hear it all the time but to other people it isn't that big a deal. The likes of Eddie Halliwell must have considered it back in the day but it wouldn't really have made a difference. Just make yourself stand out by the music you play. :)

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