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Jules R1 13/11/09


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Deadmau5 & Medina – You And I (Label Made)

Florence & The Machine – You Got The Love [J & T Bootleg] (CDR)

Luigi Lusini – A Never Ending Story (The Clubbers)

Dada Life – Lets Get Bleeped [Tiesto Remix] (Big & Dirty)

68 Beats Ft Katie Marne – Are You Listening [Robbie Rivera Club Mix] (CDR)

Dave Spoon – The Secret (Televizion)

DJ On Route: Marco V

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – Move For Me [Daz Bailey Remix] (Ultra)

Corderoy – Rock Guitar [Fatkid Remix] (Insight Recordings)

Ersa – Aces [Alvita Remix] (Owano)

Marco V – When The Night Falls (In Charge)

The Backroom 2

Sydney Samson – Riverside [black Noize Remix] (Data)

Mike Snow – Black & Blue [Jaymo & Andy George Remix] (Columbia)

Tried & Tested

Ummet Ozcan – Time Wave Zero [stefanno & Juliano Remix] (Doorn)

Muse – The Uprising Cat [J & T Bootleg] (CDR)

Laidback Luke – My God [Tiesto Remix] (Mixmash)

Sets Education: Mac & Taylor

Mac And Taylor - Yenerg (New Evolution Records)

Rank 1 - Airwave [Mac & Taylor Remix] (CDR)

Mac And Taylor - Loose Cannon (New Evolution Records)

The Classic

Dogzilla – Without You (High Contrast) 2005

Judge Jules In The Mix

Max Stone – Love Is… [W&D Trance Dub] (CDR)

Jordan Suckley – From Paradise [Jon O’Bir Remix] (Goodgreef)

Kryztow De Fier – Bounce (CDR)

Michael Woods - No More Waitin’ (Diffused Music)

Mr Vinyl - Zombie Carnival [Are You Ready To Testify Remix] (Zig Zag)

Giuseppe Ottaviani Ft Faith - Fallen [Austin Leeds Remix] (405 Recordings)

Id love to know who picks a label out of a hat for the classic tune each week, Jules played Without you from a Maelstrom pressing, not High Contrast, label fail!

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To be honest l've never really liked "Without you" just doesn't do anything for me. :thumbsdown:

The new Marco V tune "When the Night Falls" sounds very much like his previous tune"Unprepared"

BTW I don't like the new layout for the Tracklistings on R1 so l'm going to print off Jason's one as its much easier to read and also more accurate :thumbsup:

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I notice the new design creeping in on the Radio 2 pages recently, and then Radio 6, 1xtra and now yesterday they changed the Radio 1 ones, I don't like the new look at all either.

Funniest thing is a record box on Jule's page, thats epic fail by any standards :lol:

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That new layout is well rubbish. Now you have to go through about 3 links just to get the tracklisting up which is then laid out in a really annoying way. Also why are a load of the artist names in bold text while there are a few that aren't. There is no obvious reason but it just looks really poorly done.

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I remember when Jules made it T&T, he said he'd only been given the track and had made it instant T&T without club play,!

I have the recording of that show somewhere aswell lol. I remember him saying how it had come through as an mp3 that very morning and had to go "straight into record of the week mode" lol.

Incidently about the new tracklistings design, i think it's an absolute disgrace. Under the new design it appears that only the most recent weeks tracklistings are now available and if u try and view previous weeks (which is combined now with the option to listen again), it just says "this program is no longer available" AND THERES NO MORE LISTINGS!!! :@. I find this absolutely mind boggling how the designers can be so ignorant and stupid, and in their puny mouse brains they probably think "Well if it's not available anymore, why would anyone want tracklistings?" JESUS!

The big problem here is that they appear to have streamlined this new design accross all bbc radio pages, without seeming to show any concern or tollerance for individuality within shows. The producers of individual shows should be able to decide for themselves what is appropriate for a website for a particular show, not corporate morons who likely have no concept or understanding of what dance music is about or what it means.

I regularly go back through the tracklistings from years back as i have many many shows over the years and they are of sentimental value aswell. Also I require past recent weeks tracklistings as i have them on sky+ or if not will listen somewhere where i can find them online. For example, I currently have a backlog of a few weeks of jules, tong etc shows which, as a dj, i need to listen back to as i havent been working recently and have been lapsing. Thankfully the archive is still available through the old links but only up until October when everything was changed. So from that date onwards to whatever the current week is, there will seemingly always be a gap. And of course great sites like this are the saviour and will hopefully insure the information is never lost, but it's the principle of it, and the whole flawed mentality and narrow mindedness of those in power with regards to the hugely negative consequences of their actions that they probably didn't even have the intelligence to realise or consider.

I'm getting a bit philosophical here, and admittedly maybe veering off the topic of the thread slightly, but my fury over this led to me thinking more deeply and generally about the whole direction of society as this is just indicative of what increasingly is happening elsewhere in the world in terms of other scenarios/laws which violate civil liberties etc, all the time. It inspired me to create a quote which i think is quite appropriate...

"A word full of people with different views, ways of life, and freedoms, will never be comfortably compatible with a world/society/authority which seeks to bring to together, control, generalise, and mainstreamise the tools, facilities, and institutions of that reality supposedly for the purposes of improvement but by hindering and violating what others hold dear in the process"

Being a minority or a cult as society would likely class us for largely not being interested in the "mainstream", we will always be at odds with this "cattle led" mentality. As it is the cattle/public which are ultimately responsible for this as they simply accept things and dont stand of for change or to right wrongs. Often as they are not intelligent enough to realise how something is a problem for those who are superior to them. But by nature this makes us more intellgent than the "cattle" and therefore we can nearly always find a way round every restrictive change, rule, law which the cattle will not. So it's a fight, and i suppose we must look on the bright side of everything and realise that if the public/herd were as clever as us, then it would be much harder for us to get ahead in the world, and become far greater achivers than the majority of them :).

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