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Sulaco Tribute Mix

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This mix is a tribute mix dedicated to producer Sulaco. Sulaco has been making some serious waves this year and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I was hooked 2 years ago when I was sent a track called 'Impact'. The title couldn't have been more appropriate. Since then everything he has done I have pushed to the masses to get it heard. He for me is what Trance is all about. Emotion, beautiful melodies, killer basslines and the hairs on the back of your neck on end. Real Trance. This mix will contain some of the best of his original work and remixes.

2010 promises to be a big year for Sulaco with some massive releases coming. So watch out for him.

Click >>here<< to download.

Track listing:

Sulaco - Expectations (Original Mix) [Crystal Cloud Recordings]

Sulaco - Impact (Original Mix) [Artist CDR]

Sulaco - Fragments (Original Mix) [Digitized Recordings]

Tranceye - Melodramatic (Sulaco Remix) [Crystal Cloud Recordings]

Sulaco - Mindseye (Original Mix) [Crystal Cloud Recordings]

Sulaco - Realm Of Infinity (original Mix) [Digitized Recordings]

ID - ID (Sulaco Remix) [Artist CDR]

Defcon Audio - Theme From Defcon (Sulaco Remix) [Defcon]

Sulaco - Embryo (Original Mix) [Artist CDR]


You can find out more info about Sulaco on the link below:


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