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Jules' R1 Show - 05/11/05


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The Cut-Up Cut

Black Eyed Peas - 'My Humps' (Polydor)

DJ Tocadisco - 'You're no Good for Me' (Superstar Germany)

Pussycat Dolls - 'Don't Cha' (Universal)

Freemasons - 'Love On My Mind' [King Unique Mix] (Loaded)

Daddy Yankee - 'Gasolina' (Mercury)

Jay-Z - 'Change Clothes' (Roc-A-Fella)

Ignition - 'Airtight' (Kingsize)

Hound Dogs - 'I Like Girls' [Young Punx Mix] (Direction)

SPF - 'Super Miracle' (White)

Switch - 'A Bit Patchy' [beat Thief's Mix] (Dubsided)

Funky Tried & Tested

Dennis The Menace - 'Time To Turn Around' (White)

Meck - 'Thunder In My Heart Again' [starlet DJ's Mix] ( Miami Connection)

Dero Feat. Lee John - 'Dero's Illusion' (Subliminal)

Timo Garcia & The Cheshire Catz - 'Discotech' ( Berwick Street Records)

Searchers - 'My Life (Modelle)' (White)

The Prodigy - 'Girlz' [unknown Remix] (XL)

Kate Bush - 'King Of The Mountain' (White)

Benny Benassi - 'Who's Your Daddy?' (White)

Voodoo & Serano - 'Don't You Know' (White)

Harder Tried & Tested

DJ Elof Pres. E Love - 'Vrantique' [Remix] (Bonzai Germany)

Marco V - 'False Light' (In Charge)

Nick Sentience - 'Jacques 4' (White)

Pervading Call - '2 On My Mind' (White)

DHT - 'Listen To Your Heart' [F&W Remix] (Data)

Signalrunners - 'Corrupted' (White)

The Saturday Night Mix

Above & Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' (Anjunabeats)

Lume - 'Lume' [Original Mix] (Monster)

AJS - 'Fantasy Island' (White)

Solar Stone - 'Eastern Block' [Martin Roth Mix] (White)

Solid Globe - 'Black Wood' (Fundamental)

Jam X & De Leon - 'Keep It This Way' [DJ Gert Remix] (White)

Fantastic show on Saturday, the last half hour mix was amazing! I made a correction though, the Original Mix of Lume - Lume was played, the tune will be out on Monster Tunes in the near future, I have both mixes on my CDR from Monster and the Original was definetly played.

Who else really liked the Martin Roth Remix of Solar Stone and the new mix of Keep It That Way ?

Awesome stuff! :)

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Thats ok. Had a really nice surprise when you played Scott Mac "Damager 02" what a tune.......... That tune always reminds me of Homelands 2003. Jules played it and it sounded just amazing. :D

Great show plenty of variety, l'm off to bed now as l have to be up at 4.45.am. :thumbsdown:

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Jules is listing the Solarstone tune as 'Eastern Block.' But Armin is also playing a Solarstone tune 'Eastern Sea (First State Mix)' on Deep Blue. Are there 2 Solarstone tunes knocking about atm, or has someone got the title wrong? Can't remember how the one Jules is spinning goes, but Armin's has a melody in the breakdown similar to 7 Cities (that plucky sort of sound) and when the beat comes back, this melody carries on on over it. Hope that's some help.

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Well think of how vague the BBC TLs have been over the years - thats half the reason this site exists and why it was created in the first place; people who want to get the tunes want accurate info. They've always been especially slack on remixer info which I bang on about every year.

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