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Eddie Halliwell - Residency Live - Ireland 6/11/5


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I had the pleasure of playing alongside eddie last month (15th oct) he's such a nice guy

I think I played a bit too hard of a warm up for him this was the setlist

01. Nick The Kid + Louk - "Dreams" [Hindsight]

02. No Faces - "No Time No Space" [F8T]

03. Unknown - "Change Your Heart" [CD-R]

04. DJ Cyglas - "Axis Of Evil" [sectioned]

05. Olivier Giacomotto - "First Second" [iturnem]

06. D-Culture - "w*** One" [backstab Community]

07. Dark Alliance - "Genetic" [GSII]

08. Kay D Smith + Marc Tall - "Passive Resistance" [sniper]

09. Katana - "Fancy Fair" [Jinx UK]

10. Olivier Giacomotto - "No Respect" [Arms]

11. Jon The Baptist - "Baby I Need You (Kamui Mix)" [CD-R]


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I've managed to listen to this round a mates, hopefully will have a copy soon!

Few tunes thought rocked...

The Drill (aka Matt Shwartz) - The Drill, I thought went down awesome, really had the crowd going!

Murder was the bass Remix was brilliant, dont seem to find any info on that! Still doesnt beat the original though!

Eddy also dropped a tune by Stanton X - titled 'Unknown', anyone help here? Thought, this rocked!

Surprised didnt hear no scratching though :(

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