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2 Excellent New Funky House Records


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Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd let you know about a couple of brilliant funky house tunes around at the moment.

Neither of these have been played by Jules yet I'm afraid, although I'd say they're both in his style (well certainly the Angels of Love record).

The first is the Thin White Duke remix of Royksopp with "What Else Is There". It seems every man and his dog has been playing this - apart from Jules! :(. It has also been extremely difficult to get hold of but for those who haven't heard it, you can hear a sample by downloading this file. You may need itunes 4 this to work tho.


As for the 2nd one, this is entitled "Seamus Haji - Angels of Love".

It's an absolutely glorious uplifting record which is currently available on www.xpressbeats.com. Infact it is the most popular record on there at the moment!

I would class it as a cross between One Hit Wonder - Grace Of God (a big jules fave), and the Freeloaders - So Much Love To Give. It has the same repetativeness as the freeloaders, but has vocals and instrumentation similar enough to One Hit Wonders, to keep it just clear of "cheesy" territory IMHO.

So i'd say it's VERY much Jules style, which is why i'm suprised he hasn't played it yet. Then again, it has only just appeared on the site this week, and i've never heard it played by any other Dj's yet. So perhaps Jules only 1st heard it this week, and is waiting for Sat to give it it's inaugural airing?! I think we should all email him about it if he doesn't anyway! lol

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