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eBay Newbies


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Sorry, but I'm having a bad day.

I bought 2 PS2 games off an eBayer with a feedback of 3 (regrettably) and checked before hand that he'd combine p&p for the 2. He agreed and after the sale I requested the total price. What does he send me, a seperate invoice for each trying to rip me off for p&p :evil: :evil: :evil:

(Rant over)

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The saga continues...

He eventually sent the items (before I'd paid :? :? :? ) and said the p&p was £2. So I paid via PayPal, the value of the goods, plus the p&p, as stated by him, and now I have received an email from PayPal saying the money has been refused!!!!! Even more amusing is that the games turned up in the post this morning :lol::lol:

I've done the decent thing and contacted him again, but WTF :? :?

Avoid Newbies - this is just too much hassle :(

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