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New Years Eve


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Whats everyone up to?

I'll be heading here:



Saturday 31st December

Doors open at 10pm and the club continues to 4.00 am

Advance Tickets £24.00.

DJ'S on the night include Matt Hardwick, ***Jon O'Bir*** Adam Sheridan, Scott Mac, Kutski, Chris Davis, Gleave Dobin, Simon Foy, Alan Belshaw and Fraser Latta

Will Scott Mac play Damager 02 :? :D :wink:

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haha quality, Damager 02 is an awesome tune.

I've met SCott Mac when I was DJing in Burton at the same night as him, absolutely sound bloke, gave some good feedback on my set aswell

Something along the lines of, "Whack Damager 02 on mate, they'll love it :wink: "

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scotts a fookin nutcase.

he will 99.9% play damager 2 i've heard it in many sets of his over the years

for new years eve I spend it with family then go out at 1 am each year, I will probs go Dance Academy then go to Premonition on new years day.


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