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JUDGE JULES bbc radio 1(3hr set)


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This saturday @ lush, Northen Ireland, and ill be at the front for all of it!  

he must be on at 11-12, duno what the plans will be after his show ending at 9pm, not much time. One time he missed the flight, out of his own pocket rented a private plane out! just to lay here.!

Don't think he will miss the flight tonight as the webcam on his radio show is not up and running which means he has already left for "Lush".

Also you can tell by the way he speaks (his voice sounds higher) when he has recorded his show. It's a real give away. :lol:

Have a great night Glenn. 8-). Look forward to your report. :) and the many photos. :wink:

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WOW - full report:

Day started with my lyin in to bed till about 1-2. got up made we fry, did a we mix. up to offeys for carryout, 12 stella! back home. azeda bout till the chick and her mate picked me up. heded up about 6ish plus. arrived to the hotle and got checked in. meet up with a few others. load of beers in the hotle room while we all got ready with the beat box on the go. judge was on at 11.30 so we headed in just after 10.

slightly lit as one would say! once in i txted and meet up with a few others. stood atthe back of the club facing the dj booth. col h was banging out funky house and moving it up to trance. cnat name any of the choons he played apart from corburn - we inturupt this programme. time to hit the bar for the 2nd time, which was to be the last time. triple vodka and redbull. up the back again, looked in the dj booth n jules was in the building. stratigh up to the front. downed the drink in no time.

jules hung about be hind col then came on. the first hour he played vocaly trance, couldnt name many of them. the 2nd housr was pretty banging with choons like danny c vs john moon - no way out, jj - whats in your head. the last housr was very simlair only bit harder wit the classic love struck droped in.

sher genuois atteh end of the night though! got on the mc and said "do yous wnat one more f***ing choon" crowd went mad and he droped a remix of U2 (cant say i knew it but was informed by a source). as this ended every 1 was chnating one more choon. jules jjust shook his head and let on to walk of. then on the mc again "what - another choon - there is no pleasig yous" then randa katant - play it louder. was mad!

after this i typed, "give me the poster behind ya" handed it to col. there was no chance! next wa to the chippy - inside lush. cheesey chip! proceded back to the hotel rooms. one of the guys with us was wel out of it. blasting on our door at al hours looking fro gatecraher classic cd. awaoke a few hours later to the fire alam going of only lated a few mo then went of got up bout 11. the fried that was wiped out was still out of it. the storys he was coming of with was magic. next was a munch then train home. only hoe now

now the fun bit the pics....

col h res



Turn it up!!!


Hmmm wat one???



Wipe out




Come down!!!!










BRIBE!!! judgejuleslush19thnov092.jpg

Nice shirt! – na!


This is the guy that did te vocals on strandaed in paradise!



Jules photography and no the bird didn’t stand on the toe!


Wtf – I honestly don’t know this fella in the red – I havelaughed my balls of at this pic all day!


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Jules has posted this set as his 'November Mix' on his site.

He must have been pretty pissed, some of the mixing on here is terrible by his high standards. Good tunes though...

Has anyone else noticed that the mixes posted on his site keep jumping, or 'catching up to themselves' when you play them...??

It makes it impossible to listen to.

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November mix recorded live at Lush, Portrush Northern Ireland 19th Nov 05

-Santos- Pump it up

-Richard Duranda- Make me scream

-Voodoo & Serrano- Don’t you know

-Prodigy- Girls remix


-Randy Katana vs Sammy- Libby

-Adam White and Anthony Dean- Out of nowhere

-A&B- Alone tonight

-Peetu S- The battle

-Roos- Instant moments

-Montana- Chizone

-Jam X & De Leon- 9 guys no weapons

-AJS- Fancy island

-Head protection- Narcotic dreams

-Dj Elof pres E.Love- Vrantique remix

-Marcel Woods- Advanced

-Aha- Celine (PVD remix)

-Lume- Adam Sheridan mix

-DHT- Heart (F&W mix)

All the best,


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