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BBC Radio Tracklistings on Jules' Page


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  • 3 weeks later...
Glad to see they've not bothered this week :thumbsup: Altho the tracklisting was up quickly

I noticed that the Tracklisting for 19.11.05 is now there in the R1 Tracklisting Archives. They must have sneaked that one in when we weren't looking.

It will be interesting to see if they put the links in next week as it has been done twice 12/11/05 & 26/11/05(alternate weeks)

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it's a good idea but they shouldn't link to artists websites they should link to discogs.


why out of interest?

I think he means that if you're going to have links at all, then linking to their respective places on discogs.com would be far more useful to a casual browser than a link to the related websites if you're looking for information on a label or artist, surely.

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