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A Pure dance anthems update...


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Just a quick resume of what I boshed out last week on my 2 hour show. Thanks to those who were listening!

Also a quick promo for next week - Our very own Dormouse will be in the mix and on the phone (with a bit of luck...)

So 9pm Monday 21st November www.urn1350.net



7/11/05 2 Hour Birthday Special

Rythmm Is Rhythm - 'Strings of Life'

Pizzaman - 'Trippin on Sunshine'

Alison Limerick - 'Where Love Lives' **Skipping**

Junior Vasquez - 'If Madonna Calls'

Faithless - 'Insomnia 2005' (Arista)

Prodigy - 'Charly' (XL)

Skorpio - 'Rock Chic (Dub Mix)' (White Label)

M.I.A. - '10 Dollar' (CDR)

Flatpack - 'Sweet Child Of Mine (Mylo Remix)' (Breastfed)

Kate Bush - 'Running Up That Hill (Infusion Mix - Cyrus Edit)' (CDR)

Madonna - 'Hung Up (SDP Dub)'(Maverick)

Dero Feat. Leee John - 'Dero's Illusion' (Subliminal)

Fischerspooner - 'Never Win (Benny Benassi Remix)' (CDR)

The Traveller and In Motion - 'Believe' (Five AM)

Harry Diamond - 'The Brent' (White Label)

Pure Dance Anthem of the Week

Annie Lennox - 'Saddest Song (Kuffdam and Plant Remix)' (White Label)

Hi-Gate - 'We're Gonna Work It Out' (Incentive)

Dj Tab - 'Verso' (Anjunabeats)

Micky Modelle - 'The Beach' (White Label)

Joe T Vanelli - 'Play With the Voice (Pvd Remix)' (Dance All Day)

Pure Dance Anthems In the MIX

Coldplay - 'Speed of Sound (Karl G Remix)' (CDR)

TDR - 'Squelch (Sander Van Doorn Remix)'

Kompressor - 'Black Onyx (Green Martian Remix)' (Bonzai)

Ratty - 'Sunrise (Instrumental)' (Neo)

Scott Mac - 'Damager 02'

Three Drives - 'Re-Edit On Ibiza' (CDR)

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Hi there

We must reclaim all our webspace in December. It's really unavoidable because the hosting we use do not allow extra hard drive space to be tacked onto our existing plan, and without reclaiming member's online space for mixes, we (or Traill, actually :D ) will have to go to the next plan up which is quite expensive and gives us far more options than we really need for this site, at the moment anyway.

If you email Traill we'll upload this file for people to listen to until December; after this time everyone will have to use www.yousendit.com or www.megaupload.com and just post their links on the board.

Many thanks for your co-operation: I hope you have enjoyed hosting your music on judgejulesarchive.co.uk. :)


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