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Selu Vibra - Stargazing


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Yeah, top quality trance. The breakdown is absolutely amazing and comes back in a huge way. It really is one of those uplifting/emotional tunes that gets you off your bum 8-) Not sure its a Julesy tune; in fact has he ever played a Somatic Sense tune :?

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not sure he has ever played somatic sense.

I've been trying to find a sample for this to no avail. I see it's on ASOT 222 but can't find a good download link to that :( will keep searching.

I found another good tune on Somatic the other day -

Armas - Angels & Demons

A lot of the stuff on Somatic is good at the moment, always has been tho if you're into that sort of trance! :D

Check out their chart on www.dance-tunes.com for long samples

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