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Ebay question


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I bought a record (Neuro 99 as it happens) off eBay on Thursday after winning it. I paid with PayPal, but now see that the person is no longer a registered user. I have emailed the seller (spinningrecords) to see what response I get.

Where do I stand on this one :?:

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Blimey! I've had a reply already. Read this:

"i can assure you steve your record will be posted 2moz

i got a 7 day ban for using swear words in my listings, this was

because this was the correct spelling of the record, i didn't know it was

against ebay rules."

It is a bit harsh that ban - esp if it is the correct spelling. If you're searching for a record, you have to use the correct spelling or it won't show up. How else would you search for it?

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